Fuel the war effort with your dollars!

Fuel the war effort with your dollars!

“There is no free lunch.” — Milton Friedman, U.S. economist and winner of the Nobel Prize (1912-2006)

Actually, there is a free lunch as far as Rifles Ready! content is concerned. This blog is a labor of love from a passionate COH player, not a money-making enterprise. It never will be, not on my watch. I write for Rifles Ready! at the same level I do professionally as a journalist, and while this is time consuming, I don’t ever expect any financial compensation for my time.

That being said, it will cost money to make Rifles Ready! better. It cost me $37 to buy the full version of Fraps, the real-time video capture software I use to record COH gameplay for the YouTube clips on the blog. Going forward, it’s going to cost money to buy a domain name and upgrade to private hosting instead of relying on WordPress. And more money to buy server space to store images and down the road, maybe audio for podcasts. And so forth.

So after some soul-searching, I’ve decided I may as well put my hand out to our readers. I’d appreciate any small donations from you, via PayPal, particularly with the holidays coming up and everyone’s spirit of generosity being roused (hopefully). Just $1 is enough. You can rest assured it will go towards the blog, or towards stuff like World War II memorabilia, books and movies that will be reviewed on Rifles Ready! Any donations will NEVER be used for anything that does not benefit the blog in a tangible, visible way. You have this reporter’s word on that.

Click here to donate via PayPal


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