Rifles Ready! is a tribute to Company of Heroes, the greatest World War II RTS ever made, but more than that, it documents the personal journey of a player from an utter noob to a less-noobish player determined to improve his game.

That would be me, CorkscrewBlow. I grew up with RTS games and am now working in Washington, D.C. as a reporter. I hope to leverage my professional skills in writing for this blog, and who knows, maybe I’ll even land a few interviews with Relic staffers.

But more importantly, I dearly hope that players of all skill levels will find a useful tip or a thought-provoking article here that will make them reflect on how they play COH and what the game means to them.

I also hope to have a steady stream of well-known, highly-skilled COH players contribute to the blog, sharing the wisdom they’ve earned after countless battles to inspire new players and keep a great game’s player community alive.

For additional spice, Rifles Ready! includes random posts about my new hobby of collecting detailed die-cast miniatures of iconic COH tank and vehicles, as well as reviews of RTS gaming hardware and even reviews of WWII movies and books.

Feel free to leave comments or contact me directly at corkscrewblow@gmail.com.


10 Responses to About

  1. Take a look at the latest postin on our site!

    I think it will be up your alley.



  2. Bob says:

    Great stuff! Is it ok if I place this on my blogroll? I’m a sucker for CoH too. 😀 more power and thanks a lot for the tips! 😀

  3. Bob, feel free and thanks!

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks a lot! 😀 made a little post about your site. 🙂

  5. Chino says:

    We miss your blog.
    It’s 2010. Version 2.601 has already been released.
    And if rumors are true, the Eastern Front mod will soon be coming out.
    Hope you can get back to Riflesready soon.

  6. Well, I got so busy with work and some personal crises that the blog got left in the dust. I’m pleased you guys still remember it.

    Surprise and I are gonna test out Eastern Front this weekend, but I am a little leery of regarding it as a real part of the game… just like those Battletests that Hero used to do, this is a mod and not worthy of coverage as if it were a real expansion.

    Until proven otherwise, that is. If everyone and their mom who plays COH these days gets Eastern Front and is all “’bout it bout it'” as they say in the rap industry, I may come to feel it’s canon, and write about it.

    We’ll see. Thanks for keeping hope alive!

  7. Bob says:

    Corkscrew, what Chino’s saying is true. We definitely missed this blog. In fact the local version of our blog was based from your blog, Rifles Ready! We do hope you’d come back to the scene Corkscrew!

  8. CB1610 says:

    Just found this gem of a game … trying to read up on tips & strategies, so can hold my own at least a tiny bit in online games (hope the community hasnt winded down too much). Just wanna say I really like this blog, shame you cannot find the time to keep it running – but thanks for all the good stuff already here 🙂

  9. Tvistor says:

    Just found this website, and I love the Battle Reports. xD

    Wondering, you’ve all heard of CoH:Online, right?

    • CB1610 says:

      yeah COH:Online – just sucks that u cannot use GridKeys there … so been holding bit back from changing over to it.

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