On Balance: 2.600 brings balance to the Force

relic_logo2As promised, I’ve given some thought to Relic’s patch 2.600 after a few games and some perusing of GR.org‘s balance forums. Overall, this is finally a return to form for Relic. Almost all of the balance changes reflect issues that were raised by the community based on high-level games and, in the case of bugs, repeatable evidence. The feedback on GR.org has mainly been positive, albeit with some sarcasm (see certificate I reposted from one GR.org forumer below). To me, the big issues in 2.502 were the Pak bug, the T17 being silly, Schimmwagen’s Scorch ability being absurd and the Infantry Halftrack’s wholly unnecessary suppression boost. All of these were fixed in 2.600.

This alone merits this certificate, which conveys pretty exactly my general feeling to Relic:

Competence is good.

Competence is good.

That being said, here’s a more detailed breakdown of my reflections. As usual, I’ve listed only the most significant changes (in my opinion). Please visit www.gamereplays.org for a full list of patch notes.

Patch 2.600
Bug Fixes

  • Cool-downs are now working properly for all weapons.

Always a good thing. I’m not 100% on which exact weapons weren’t cooling down properly, but I’d say the T17’s bizarre rate of fire is a good example.

  • HMGs in buildings will now switch targets as intended; there is a 3.5 second delay before the hmg will fire at another target.

In my experience this is somewhat similar to how MGs worked before, they would suppress one squad, then target a second new squad and suppress it as well. However, this behavior was limited to squads within the same cone o fire, now this applies to squads moving to flank from another direction. The 3.5 second forces you to be tighter but I’m agnostic on whether this was needed. At least it works.

  • Fixed an issue where Pak38s could stack their first-strike modifiers.

An outrageous, game-breaking bug that should never have happened. It better be fixed.

  • Raised Panzerschreck squads preference to target Light Vehicles while garrisoned in buildings.

Makes sense in theory. I never noticed shrecks not targeting light vehicles; in any case you could tell the garrisoned squad what to target before 2.600 anyway.


  • Improved the reliability and effectiveness of the American’s Strafing Run.

It feels pretty much the same to me, to be honest. I haven’t seen any incident where the P-47 would fully strike a squad but do no damage. Some amount of damage and suppression has always been inflicted in 2.600. But I’ve only had occasion to Strafe a few times so far. Need more time to wait and see.

  • The T17 armored car’s damage output has been reduced.

It was silly before. Good job listening and watching the replays, Relic.

  • Penetration of the T17 armored car has been reduced.

Unnecessary in my opinion. It still misses light vehicles more often than the M8, and against armored units like Ostwinds and Wirblewinds, a penetration nerf was unnecessary.

  • The Panzer Elite’s Schwimmwagen Scorched Earth ability has been replaced with an “Incendiary Trap” ability.

Thanks be to God. As demonstrated in the most recent Battle Report, this is nigh-unstoppable. Malivos just got lazy and CharlesDarwin got focused.

  • Infantry sections with Bren upgrades can now use ‘Button Enemy Vehicle’ when garrisoned inside a building.

I’m all in favor of consistency.

  • Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack suppression lowered.

This was the result of a bug, in my understanding. Not sure why it was placed under “Gameplay” issues by Relic. But it’s a good change.


27 Responses to On Balance: 2.600 brings balance to the Force

  1. TD says:

    IHT Suppression wasn’t a bug, it was an accidental change from when they (deservedly) doubled Wehr HT suppression.

  2. Bitter Boy says:

    This patch is golden. But I can’t shake the feeling that they knew about all these bugs before they released ToV, but decided to release ToV with all the bugs anyway just to make the release date.

  3. Matanza says:

    Nice blog, too bad it is dead.

  4. weslanator44 says:

    Well its been almost two weeks and no updates…

  5. Kat says:

    Not dead, just regrouping 😀

  6. Grim Reaper says:

    Dead blog is dead…

  7. Matanza says:

    May it rest in peace.

  8. Kat says:

    Confirmation (from CorkscrewBlow) on closing the blog would be appreciated. Otherwise I won’t presume it dead…

  9. its not dead untill theres a announcment confirming its dead like kat says

    typoes are just bad luck:(

  10. x.x says:

    Accipe, frater, Viáticum Córporis Dómini nostri Jesu Christi, qui te custódiat ab hoste maligno, et perdúcat in vitam aetérnam. Amen.

  11. Matanza says:

    … sigh …

  12. bob says:

    Oh no what happened to Rifles Ready!? Did I saw a picture earlier that says Rifles not ready and I think this blog’s on the medic bunker.

    But anyway, I appreciate all the efforts made by Corkscrew and the team of Rifles Ready for making this blog possible. This blog even inspired me to create a local version of the blog in our language.

    Maybe the crew’s busy or something, I hope they’ll come back. 🙂

  13. o.o says:

    Haven’t touched CoH in over 3 months; despite having played it almost daily since it first came out. I think the Rifles Ready crew are in much the same position – RIP CoH Blog.

  14. IHaveCandyInMyPanzer says:

    Don’t die on me dammit!

  15. Ugh says:

    I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed in the way this blog died. If something came up, fine. Say so. But it’s pretty insensitive to your readers to completely disappear into thin air.

  16. Chris says:

    I really hope the blog isn’t dead. It provided great insight into the complexities of this game.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will make a comeback…

  17. Lord of the Yerb says:

    This blog is what got me to buy the game. Sad to see it go.

  18. Man you guys make me feel so guilty. See my earlier comment for what happened.

    Surprise is still playing, we still talk all the time, so we may do some updates once my work stuff calms down.

    Passing health care reform would really help my work stuff calm down. Democrats, please go forth and govern and stop the amateur hour.

  19. warhamster says:

    Hope to see the blog be updated soon your battle reports are awsome makes me want to play the game each time i read them ^^ GREAT JOB!

  20. Grim Reaper says:

    And back into the darkness from which he came…

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  23. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! 🙂

  24. onawave says:

    loved going thru the old articles… bring this blog back 🙂

  25. Hello,just found your Blog when i google something and wonder what hosting do you use for your wordpress,the speed is more faster than my blog, i really need it.will back to check it out,many thanks!

  26. I did like the article really much, was really informative and the best part was that only the required part was elaborated, to the point concise information always helps and keeps readers running around digging for the information’s will never require a reread. I really wish spammers read these articles and check how easy it is to be human and respect knowledge.

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