delays will be likely

When it <i>doesn't</i> make you smile

When it doesn't make you smile

I’ve just learned that will likely require another 10-12 business days to approve Volume I of our COH audio strategy series, Mind of a Master. Most disappointing. But rest assured, sports fans — I’ll continue to tease bits and pieces of this thrilling MP3 album in Battle Reports and other media on the blog. Just see the latest Battle Report for a taste.

In the meantime, you can expect additional Battle Reports and perhaps some tips and balance commentary. Specifically, I’m looking at doing our first report on one of the new Tales of Valor maps. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on patch 2.502 and it’s not clear exactly how seismic a change patch 2.503 will bring.


5 Responses to delays will be likely

  1. Kat says:

    I suggest “Flooded plains” for first ToV-map BR, it’s really fun and has many new tactical opportunities.

  2. That is indeed one replay that’s under serious consideration. I haven’t had time to actually watch it yet, but anything with Sepha is usually great material.

    Now that Surprise has returned from a local marathon race, he’ll rest up and get some serious games in with some high-level folks. The next replay following our first TOV-map Battle Report will definitely feature Surprise as one of the players.

  3. General_II says:

    Is itunes still being considered?

  4. Yes, however I’m still waiting for iTunes to finish “evaluating” my initial request to be a supplier of original content. I have no idea how long that will take, and after that’s done, I’ll probably need to go through the same process of having the album checked for obscene content, etc.

    I’m tired of waiting, however. Later this week I plan to make the album available directly from Rifles Ready! as a password-protected ZIP download, with payment via PayPal only.

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