The M18 Hellcat: A glaring inaccuracy

Does this look lighter, less-armored and faster than the M10?

Does this look lighter, less-armored and faster than the M10?

My reporter sense started tingling when Relic let it be known that the M10 Wolverine would be replaced by the M18 Hellcat (optionally) in Tales of Valor. Relic has largely preserved the basic historical strength of the tanks and vehicles in COH; for example, the M4 Sherman is less powerful than the M26 Pershing in terms of armor, cannon damage and penetration.

This simple concept of translating real-life units into the game goes by the wayside with the M18. In the current game, the Hellcat has more armor, a better cannon and slower speed than the M10. It’s like an American version of the Hetzer, particularly since it can cloak and gains first-strike damage bonuses when firing out of cloak.

But historically, the M18 was much lighter and faster than the M10. To make this possible, it had far less armor. The only thing Relic got right was the M18’s superior cannon. Both the M10 and M18 packed .50 cal machine guns, though the M10 lacks this option in-game.

A much better choice would’ve been to ditch the M18 and instead add the M36 Jackson, yet another American tank destroyer similar to both the M10 and M18. The Jackson had an open top, an optional .50 cal MG, and the same 90mm gun used by the Pershing. It was roughly the same weight and size as the M10, but had much more armor — double the armor of the M10 in some places. Does this sound like the unit represented by the “M18” in the game right now? Sure does. For balance reasons the 90mm gun on the M36 could be made less powerful than the Pershing, but this doesn’t change the fact that the M36 — not the M18 — should be in the game.

NOTE: All data below comes from Wikipedia. Who has no reason to lie about World War II armor specifications.

M-10 Wolverine tank destroyer.

M-10 Wolverine tank destroyer.

M10 Wolverine
29.6 tonnes (65,000 lb)
Armor: 9mm to 57.2 mm (0.3″ to 2.3″)
Primary armament: 76.2 mm M7 gun
Secondary armament: .50 cal Browning M2HB machine gun
Speed: 51 km/h (32 mph)

M18 Hellcat, post-war.

M18 Hellcat, post-war.

M18 Hellcat
Weight: 17.7 tonnes (39,000 lb)
Armor: 5mm to 25 mm (0.2″ to 1.0″)
Primary armament: 76 mm (76.2 mm) M1A1 gun
Secondary armament: .50 cal M2HB machine gun
Speed: 88 km/h (55 mph)

The M36 Jackson, the lone American tank destroyer able to kill Tigers at range

The M36 Jackson, the only tank destroyer able to kill Tigers at range.

M36 Jackson
29 tonnes (64,000 lb)
Crew: 5
Armor: 9mm to 108 mm (0.35″ to 4.25″)
Primary armament: 90 mm M3 gun
Secondary armament: .50 cal Browning M2HB machine gun
Speed: 50 km/h (30 mph)


6 Responses to The M18 Hellcat: A glaring inaccuracy

  1. Matanza says:

    Ei, like you, I don’t like when the game goes too much historical inaccurate.

    It would be nice see the M10 or M18 be replaced by this more powerful M36, with a higher cost in resources, or this M36 be a company unlockable, like a Pershing. The americans need more armor power, shit!

    (sorry my english)

  2. The Hat says:

    . . . If anyone needs more heavy armor, it’s the PE. It’s all doctrine-specific, or tier 8.

    But I totally agree – the M18 makes little sense filling the role they filled out for it.

  3. Kat says:

    Maybe Relic couldn’t afford costs of licence from US Army for M36 Jackson 😛

    Agreed, unreasonable choice, Jackson would fill it’s designed in-game role better than M18.

  4. Justin says:

    wow, this is hilarious Ive been saying exactly what you put in this article for years since i started playing.. and hated the m10 with no mg. the Hellcat in the game looks far from what it should and has a ridiculous amount of armor. From what ive read heavy calibers like mgs could pierce the hulls of either tank cept the m36. Another game Men of WAR which i highly recommend has a good mission with the m36 slugger on the bonus mission neat lil map to.

    So By and BY i TOTALLY agree with this article. Relic is mucking with the way things were and really mocking the history of these men that drove them.

  5. TOD says:

    yeah exactly right and why is it that no german tanks get these free upgrades or (perks)when a panther with sloped armor is being blown up by a sherman and unable to penetrate a hellcats armor, you know somethings not right, and the capture rate of the hellcat in panzerkrieg is far too fast when compared to the 11 tonne hotchkiss and how a hotchkiss with an main armament a 3.7cm cannon can out perform a panther or panzer IV with a 7.5cm cannon its just frustrating plus the hotchkiss was known as a slow light tank with a top spd of 28km/h compared to the panzerIVs top speed of 42 km/h and the panthers55km/h early mods and 48km/h late mods and the hellcats fastest rec battle spd was only 55km/h think the guys at relic need a few mods and updates to correct the mess!

  6. asterisque says:


    just sayin…

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