COH audio strategy series: Mind of a Master, Volume I

Got questions? Get answers from a master.

Got questions? Get answers from a master.

With the release of COH: Tales of Valor and the latest 2.501/2.502 patches, we’re looking at the biggest changes to the game since more than a year ago. To help you step up your game, I’m pleased to announce a fantastic new concept, the COH audio strategy series, Mind of a Master. This will be a multi-volume series of podcast-style audios, primarily featuring Steven “Surprise” Uray. Calling on all of my professional skills as a reporter, I interview Surprise on tape, covering a huge amount of material, split into about a dozen or so tracks.

Volume I, which you can sample in streaming format below, covers the following:

  • A top-ranked player’s impressions of patch 2.501/2.502 and how it compares overall to 2.301, including faction-by-faction and army vs. army changes
  • A high-level take on the new ToV units, including detailed descriptions of each new unit and whether it’s underpowered, overpowered or just right
  • Deep discussion about COH psychology and how Surprise uses his opponents’ emotions against them, including a section on mind games and how they apply to RTS matches
  • Surprise’s American play style — which took him to #1 on the 1v1 ladder — carefully explained, featuring detailed, step-by-step explanations on his tech order and how he counters specific Axis strategies and units
  • Surprise’s opinion on controversial balance issues, such as whether the Blitzkrieg doctrine is underpowered and whether the perennial complaint about “free” super tanks is now dead

You will always get the first two tracks for free, to give you an idea of what’s in the entire volume. In Volume I, you’ll get the introduction to Mind of a Master and a bio on Surprise, plus his rundown on what ToV brings to the game and how army matchups have changed.″

For everything else, it’s $0.99 for any single track downloadable in MP3 format from, or a more economical $6.99 for the entire volume, downloadable as one album. Look for Volume I to be available sometime next week on Amazon — there’ll be an announcement here.

Meanwhile — let me know what you think! I realize charging a fee may seem to go against the community-minded Rifles Ready! spirit, but let’s face it. At $0.99 a track or $7 for the whole volume, it’s not going to break anybody’s bank and it’s going to give us a great incentive to produce high quality stuff. If you can’t give up the money for a footlong Subway sub, then don’t — just listen to the preview tracks. Think of buying the whole volume as a way to give back to us and get a fantastic extra out of it: a chance to get inside the mind of current COH masters! Later volumes will feature other top players in addition to Surprise.


8 Responses to COH audio strategy series: Mind of a Master, Volume I

  1. General_II says:

    Any plans for distributing this via itunes?

  2. Yes! It will be made available on iTunes later on next week or next weekend. Pricing may be slightly different, we’ll see.

  3. Fratt says:

    nice ! Can’t wait for his American strat

    Great idea, now we want a replay 😛

  4. Matanza says:

    Interesting. But no like the all beloved battle-reports! 😛

  5. TD says:

    This isn’t very nice for those of us who cannot buy things over the internet.

  6. I’m willing to wager most everyone can buy things online… but if you can’t and really want the full audio, you can mail me a check or something. Or, you can just listen to the preview tracks (they’ll be made available for download later on). The previews always include the first two tracks, which is a solid 15% to 20% of the full volume — it’s not random stuff made available for free.

  7. runfree says:

    Things like this are not for me, paying for having the point of view of a player hmmm …. moreover i understand english writed, i’m more in trouble with oral …. But i understand it’s a work and lot of time to spend for this. i’m interesting in knowing there people who will buy this type of stuff

  8. I hear ya. That’s why we’ll always two tracks available for streaming/download, free of charge. Look for a new Battle Report late this weekend (probably Sunday night).

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