In-game reflections on 2.501

I took the time this weekend to play a good four or five games of COH with 2.501 in full effect. Now, first off, I still don’t have Tales of Valor, nor did I run into anyone using the new units. Still, I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts.

interface2The new interface changes are stupid/unnecessary. I’m talking about the veterancy indicator changes and the infantry weapon icon change. Certainly this is open to debate, but I personally liked the American rank stripes and Wehrmacht dots. I also don’t see why Relic placed the weapon icons beneath the unit identification bar, though I’m more agnostic on this one. The real problem is with the veterancy change. It’s harder to notice the little white bar indicating veterancy, particularly when you’ve got multiple units running around.

interface1The interface changes also introduce some minor glitches. Two things I noticed in my brief play period were the manpower indicator and the sound effects for the American Medic Tent. As you can see in the shot to the right, the current manpower rate isn’t properly spaced anymore, as it runs into the +XXX figures for whatever reason. The Medic Tents make the same noise that Observation Posts do when you click on them. Random buggery, Relic-style.

Game balance
It felt pretty good to me. I know the issue that’s all the rage on is how effective the “new” units are, but as I said I can’t comment on that yet. Overall balance felt good to me, particularly in the U.S./Panzer Elite matchup. I didn’t really fight any strong players, so this impression remains tentative.

New/tweaked sound effects
On this front there’s good and bad, though more good in my opinion. The new Strafing Run sounds are a massive improvement, while the dull, punchy new Ostwind firing effect is much less intimidating than before. I haven’t really messed with the tanks yet, so no comment on that.

Look for more thoughts and a full review of Tales of Valor late next week. I should be getting the game on Tuesday or Wednesday.


6 Responses to In-game reflections on 2.501

  1. Fratt says:

    You’re sure about US vs PE ? I heard a lot about Inf HT getting buffed in suppression AND damage shredding rifles apart …

    Looking forward to read your review 🙂

  2. Infantry HTs do less damage to Rifles and also had their damage vs. infantry in yellow cover nerfed. That’s what the patch notes say, anyway.

    In any case I had no trouble fighting infantry HTs in the two US/PE games I played…

  3. The Hat says:

    A lot of the PE community is up in arms right now. Maybe that’s because they were OP before, maybe it’s because they’re UP now, maybe a mix of the two. Regardless, I’m having a LOT of trouble dealing with riflespam as PE right now. Even against people I slaughter when playing wehr.

    I’m not high enough rank to be certain this indicates a serious balance problem, but it’s definitely made me shy away from my old favorite side to start polishing off my wehr game.

  4. coh mastermind says:

    i realy never noticed the manpower bug but mybye cos im stil with opposing fronts

    managed to get 35 panzer elite game out yesterday (all skirmishes right enough) but all wher wins agains brit and ami comps

    the veterancy bar thing could be annoying if you dont know what it is or u are a new guy and u keep sayin why isnt this squad gettin veterancy
    see where im coming from?

    and the first bug i noticed with 2.501.0 is that british recon sections on the map king of the hill dont move to patrol stance

    the 2.400 pershing buffs realy screw up the king tigers and jagds now cos i
    f u just keep circling the kt or its distracted by something else its mybye like a 7-8 shotter and its lost:)

    on the new units perspective the pe schwimwagen sucks, the pe hotchkiss with stukas are great vs people that blob things tanks,ect. does any1 know the other hotchkiss ability?

    the british kangaroo carrier to rplace the cromell i just ridiculus because whats an unarmoured vehicle going to do vs a bloody stug or geshutzwagen and the staghouns is good for replacing cct in the fact that its aleast armed like an armoued car

    the whermachts tiger 205 looks interesting,geshutzwagen looks like a mobile pak 40 which could be cool and the whermacht schwimmwgen with the mg42 looks cool aswell

    besides all that the americans m18hellcat replacing the m10n should be another m10 like component with a better gun and a 50 cal mg on it
    and the t17 acc is just upgraded version of m8 with no 50 cal gunner

    map wise i think that king of the hilll looks like the mission hill 192 of normandy landings campaign

    villers bocage,beach assault,king of the hill,red ball express,ecliptic fields and more look nice

    the weapon under squad icon thing dosnt work with flamethrowers:another bug?

    panzerkrieg mode looks nice,assualt looks challenging, and stownwall suits the defensive player

    the campaigns well dont know to much exept that derict fire is availible on the 3 new campaigns,falise pocket,causways and tiger ace

    i think ive covered everything (ive done my studying:)

  5. cptcrunch1 says:

    Direct fire is funky, I couldn’t get the damn thing to work so I went back to the old style. Anyone know how its supposed to work.

  6. I got TOV Monday and am currently working on our official review.

    I can tell you from my experience that direct fire works great for tanks and 88s but it is utterly retarded with infantry.

    If you’re using a tank, hit ‘D’ to enter direct fire mode. The tank turret will now follow your mouse cursor. You may still issue movement orders to the tank by right-clicking.

    However, left-clicking anywhere with the mouse will cause the tank to fire at wherever your cursor is pointing at.

    NOTE: The tank will NEVER FIRE ON ITS OWN while in direct-fire mode. So you’ll need to keep manually firing to maximize your tank’s rate of fire.

    Once you fire, the red beads around the cursor will disappear and reset, filling slowly. This indicates the reload time. Once the red beads fully surround the cursor, you may fire again.

    Note that all tanks DO have a minimum range while in direct-fire mode. If you click anywhere near point-blank range, the tank won’t fire at all. Interestingly enough, tanks do not appear to have this problem OUTSIDE of direct-fire mode. You can shoot point-blank at infantry crawling inches from your hull when the computer is controlling your tank turret.

    When it comes to infantry, the same sort of principle applies, but the firing rate is so fast that you’ll literally need to be clicking the right and left mouse buttons at the same time to fire and move. This is retarded and a whole lot more work to do the same thing as ordering SMG infantry to just walk into enemy squads in normal-fire mode.

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