Tales of Valor on its way

tov_smallMy copy of COH: Tales of Valor will soon be speeding to my house (as quickly as free Amazon.com shipping moves, that is). And so you may expect, dear readers, a comprehensive, unbiased review of the expansion right here on Rifles Ready! I really don’t know what to expect with this expansion. There aren’t any real “new” units, so to speak. There are units that replace existing ones and feel slightly different in flavor. But I withhold final judgement until I play the game, of course.

Also to come later this week will be the next installment of Surprise‘s WCG series. I know, you all have been beside yourselves to hear more from that grand old sensei of COH.


4 Responses to Tales of Valor on its way

  1. Fratt says:

    No Super-free tank = jizz

    I am getting ToV this week-end, I hope I can read your review before actually buying it :P.

  2. runfre says:

    I have read on forum that it s going to be late … any rumour?

    I hope buglist introduced in 2.4 will be corrected too

  3. I ordered it on Amazon, which had stated an April 8 release date… however Amazon now states the game will be “in stock April 10.”

    I’m not sure how that jives with forum rumors, but that’s what we got. Amazon estimates I’ll get the game by April 13. I asked for free shipping so it may be later than that 😦

    As far as the 2.400 bugs, it’s my understanding that the most serious of them will be addressed in 2.500 (aka the Tales of Valor patch). The changelog for 2.500 says “a number of bug fixes and tuning changes have been implemented.” Whatever that means.

    2.501 will be the real deal, with a ton of additional changes and fixes, plus a promise from Relic that it will address whatever 2.400 bugs remain. You can read the hopefully tentative list of changes in both 2.500 and 2.501 here.

  4. bob says:

    I think it will be up for us players to check on these bugs again if there will be… Anyway, I saw some videos already from the fortunate ones who have the copy of Tales of Valor and man, I love that Able and Baker squad. πŸ˜€

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