Tax time

The U.S. government sucked in 2008. I want my money back.

The U.S. government sucked in 2008. I want my money back.

It’s that time of year again, folks — time to pay Uncle Sam what you owe for one dreadful year of governance. Taxes become infinitely more complex for a year in which you’ve bought a house with help from your parents.

That’s basically my problem. So this week and weekend, taxes are my mission. That said, you can expect more great things to come at Rifles Ready! Specifically, there’s another Battle Report brewing, this time featuring one of the most unique matches I have ever seen, between Zerocrack and Kodachrome (playing as SweetLorraine).

It’s a battle in which both players lay down tons of barbed wire, sandbags and other defenses while shelling each other to death from afar with artillery, sieging each other’s bases with tanks and Flak 88s, and lotsa craziness.

Also, everyone’s favorite COH guru, Surprise, has continued writing his series about the WCG tournament and how it’s shaped his gaming style and discipline. We’ll continue releasing it in a series of posts, probably with two or three more segments to come.

So stay tuned and patient, sports fans! Good things come to those who wait!


6 Responses to Tax time

  1. Kersal says:

    In italy tax time is on July…do you know that we pay almost 60% of taxes? Every year on July I cry….

  2. Kat says:

    Some hot comments on 2.400 release please 😉

  3. General_II says:

    Looking forward to both the battle report and Surprise’s writings. Double time!

  4. I have worked hard all year and am due over 800.00 dollars in refund. My boyfriend has been laid off and I need to help with bills. Why is it ok for it to take this long to get our refund back when we need it to help make ends meet. Will we get interest!!! (ha ha) What has happened to our state. We are paying out freebees to illegal aliens and supporting families that they have and they haven’t paid one bit of taxes. What gives. When is enough enough?

  5. I don’t know the answer to that. I WOULD be interested to know, however, how you and your fellow nurses feel about the U.S./Panzer Elite matchup post-patch 2.400.

    I finished filing my taxes today and I expect $2,600 back thanks to the home purchase and related deductions.

  6. General_II says:

    We’ve got to stop those British and Americans from illegally crossing into the Rhineland. I think war may be the only answer… That or the tank trap bug.

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