Sepha’s blog bites the dust

sephaFriends, fellow Romans and countrymen — ’tis with great regret that I bring you sad tidings. Sepha’s blog, called “Sepha on Gaming,” is no more. This probably happened during my own all-too-lengthy hiatus at Rifles Ready!, but that’s neither the here nor there. Sepha continues to be active on, but it’s a great pity he won’t be sharing his own sage insights online. I am hereby extending to Sepha an opportunity to contribute to Rifles Ready! on all things COH-related (or even broader, given my own propensity to post irrelevant material, like trips to the White House). If he responds in the affirmative, you can be assured there will be much cheering, feasting and slaughtering of fatted calfs. If he regretfully declines, there is likely to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I have of course removed Sepha on Gaming from our blog roll, sadly.

7 Responses to Sepha’s blog bites the dust

  1. Weslanator44 says:

    thats a shame it fell through. Sepha is a legend. He would be a good addition to Rifles Ready!

  2. Logabob says:

    I haven’t seen a replay from him in ages… ’twas pure magic to watch that genius at work 😛

  3. Logabob says:

    that smiley was supposed to be this 😦

  4. coh mastermind says:

    yeah sure its a real shame because i wanted to look at it but now its bust (*sigh*)

    the mastermind

  5. colonelcommissar says:

    He has a new blog –

  6. Good eye. I will add it the blog roll!

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