Site Update: We’re BACK!

Hey sports fans, so sorry for this absurdly long hiatus. To make a long story short, putting together my new supercomputer took much more time than expected. I have no good excuse.

Well, I gots one. I got to cover the White House health reform summit, the assignment of a lifetime for a 25-year-old reporter. I was close enough to snap this picture with my little tourist-style point-and-shoot camera, lost in the horde of other journalists snapping away. Click (you’ll need to do it twice thanks to WordPress 2.0 or whatever the number is now) to enlarge it; note I’m obligated to copyright as it appears on my company’s website as well.

No, senators, free supertanks are NOT acceptable.

No, senators, free supertanks are NOT acceptable.

I stood just 12 feet away from Barack Obama as he delivered his remarks to top lawmakers in Congress. Tomorrow I’ll post some additional nice, high-res pictures I took at the White House. If you’d like to know more about the actual story, check out my two official blog entries for my publication’s website — part I here and part II here. Part of the reason I’ve been so far away from Rifles Ready is that I’ve been VERY busy at work, where we just launched our new website and the blog there.

As you can see, I’ve gotten rid of the way too old winter banner, replacing it with something a little more spring-themed. Speaking of spring, I can’t wait for it! It’s been a gloomy winter for me personally. My new house has animal residents as well, which have eaten slightly into my time. The interactions of Maddi the Labrador retriever and Harvey Dent, the chinchilla, are immensely entertaining:


Here’s some pictures of the new computer; basically I tried to play around with the Windows 7 beta which was a big mistake, then I ran into a huge number of issues with the new video card, and so on/so forth.

One mean computing machine.

One mean computing machine.

I’m not sure how tech-savvy you kids are, but for those of you who are, here’s the specs (click to enlarge image): 

  • Intel Core i7 920 overclocked to 3.5ghz (my chip hit 4ghz just fine, but wouldn’t run games at anything higher than 3.8ghz)
  • 6GB G.SKILL DDR3 PC-12800 RAM
  • Sapphire Radeon 4870 X2
  • 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F1 hard drive
  • 24″ BenQ 2400WD monitor
  • Lian Li Tyr PC-X500 case 

Anyway, over this weekend, I hope to return to form, first updating you guys on my White House shenanigans (wouldn’t that be a great name for an Irish pub?), then doing a Battle Report on some of the fantastic new matches between rising COH stars that we’ve been seeing on

7 Responses to Site Update: We’re BACK!

  1. Jaeger_II says:

    Huzzah. Now on to Battle Reports! Congrats on getting the computer working and the “excuse.”

  2. Kat says:

    Yes! Run through my veins, run!

  3. The Hat says:


    Great to see you guys back – and I love the new rig.

  4. colonelcommissar says:

    Welcome back.

  5. Weslanator44 says:

    Finally!! Cant wait to read new battle reports. Keep up with the updates. You guys ROCK!!

  6. alfieB says:

    Aw, Finally! Freaking Sweet!

  7. bob says:

    That’s some monster you got there corkscrew! 😀

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