Relic: 2.508 imminent, beta to end soon

relic_logo2Well Houston, we’ve got an update. Relic community mananger Thunder reports today that patch 2.508 for the beta playtest is “impending” and that we can expect the retail game to be updated with something very similar to 2.508, SOON. That’s the key here, troops, soon. To quote Thunder himself: “We’re locked down on balance right now and just in bug fix mode in anticipation of finalizing the patch for retail.”

I know I usually post the patch notes, but here they are so scant as to barely be worth mentioning. Of note are some AI fixes, like AI can no longer use abilities like Sector Artillery unfairly. I’m not sure how you can possibly use Sector Artillery unfairly, outside of spamming it in enemy sectors. Imagine how amusing it might be to have the computer activate Sector Artillery in your HQ. For all you comp-stompers, this one’s for you.

With COH: Tales of Valor still slated for a March 9 release (see, the endgame is very much in sight. At the earliest I predict the beta patch will go retail in early or mid-February. At the latest, it will be concurrent with the release of COH: ToV.

So dear readers, mark well the date March 9! And stay tuned for more Rifles Ready! content this weekend!

One Response to Relic: 2.508 imminent, beta to end soon

  1. Kersal says:

    the problem of Sector Artillery was not for CompStomp but when ur mate drop and the AI starts to arty in enemy territory where there are not LoS so is 200Ammo wasted.

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