Site Update: Busy weekend, sore throat


Sorry updates haven’t been as quick or consistent as promised. I’ve got a bit of a sore throat (seems to have hit after I spent this morning tramping around chilly Washington D.C., under-dressed, to cover a meeting for my job) this evening and hopefully it will pass without me getting sick. Also this Saturday I’m having a big housewarming party with a ton of folks coming over, so that cuts down a bit on writing and posting time. Still, I plan to soldier on next week — stay tuned for a more detailed in-depth post on the M8 vs. the Light Anti-tank Halftrack. This particular issue has been burning up the beta test forums, with some folks arguing that the M8 is too strong/effective. Also there are more Battle Reports in the works, and the next segment of Surprise’s WCG series.


2 Responses to Site Update: Busy weekend, sore throat

  1. Logabob says:

    get better soon…

    out of curiosity, do you get a lot of hits at this blog? I don’t see a whole lot of buzz even at GR.

  2. I get about 1,000 unique hits every 3 weeks, and that’s a conservative estimate. Of course, some of these are the result of random Google searches for WWII stuff that isn’t necessarily COH-related.

    As for the lack of buzz… Relic needs to take the balance beta to retail. Stat.

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