Basic Tip: Using booby traps

I’ve been accused of catering more to the Allies — specifically the Americans — and not so much our poor komraden fighting for the glory of the Fatherland. Well, that stops today with this post. What’s an excellent but underused doctrine-specific ability in the early game? That the Panzer Elite get? Booby trapped buildings, of course! Sure, it requires you to pick Scorched Earth, and forgo sick units like the Fallschirmjager, Hetzer and Jagdpanther, but on the plus side you get some truly satisfying low-micro, high-damage abilities, like Booby Traps for points and buildings, Sector Artillery and of course, Hummel mobile artillery pieces.

cmdr_pnze_booby_trap_buildingNow, the ability Booby Trap buildings can be had for a single Command Point and any Panzer Grenadier can place them in any neutral building. There are key buildings on every map (the house by the bottom player’s strategic point on Angoville, the church on Semois) that are almost guaranteed to be garrisoned by the enemy during the course of a match. These should be the first targets, but because you can use Booby Traps in buildings as many times as you want, feel free to keep idle PGs busy planting them in less frequently used or less strategically positioned buildings as well. It takes a good amount of time to booby-trap a building, and the gray progress bar is visible to your enemy as well as you.

Booby traps then, are best placed when your infantry are outside your enemy’s sight range. The same hiss-click noise your enemies hear when triggering a trap on a resource point is heard when their units enter a trapped building. They have a good 2-3 seconds to get out before squad members start dying, but frequently, your opponent will be too distracted to hear this noise, especially if they are garrisoning a building in the middle of a firefight. In the mid-game and beyond, your opponent may think the noise indicates another squad triggering a trap on a resource point being captured — great if you’ve conditioned him to expect lots of trapped points.

Argh, exploding boobies!

Argh, exploding boobies!

Squad members die rapidly once the trap is actually triggered, and an entire squad will be fully destroyed if the opponent fails to react in time.


10 Responses to Basic Tip: Using booby traps

  1. Jaeger_II says:

    This is a good point to bring up that’s often forgotten (at least by me). Just as the booby trap ability can be used to buy time to keep enemies from capping points, building booby traps are a great way of keeping enemies out of buildings that pose a threat.

    From playing WSC, rarely has this been used against me, but, when it is, it’s pretty effective. By the time your MG pulls out of the building, if it gets out after setting up the MG and breaking it down, it’ll be badly damaged. It’ll definitely put a world of hurt on an MG building hopping strategy, particularly with a mortar or G43 slowing finishing off infantry damaged by the traps.

  2. Yeah — booby traps on points and buildings are a great way to make your opponent’s micro more demanding and to place greater strain on his situational awareness. You’ll be surprised how often you can keep traps in place after they’re triggered — lots of idle time in most matches.

  3. And? says:

    Glad to see SE getting some attention over here. PEpwnzya has been making a great SE revival over on the gamereplays forums for the last couple months – I’ve liked SE from the get-go, and it’s great to see it starting to be taken seriously again.

  4. Yeah, he’s very good. I’ve played him before but only in team games… i’ll have to dig out that replay and see how we did against his team in 2v2.

  5. And? says:

    I’d be interested in seeing that – especially if there was much use of booby traps. I’ve always been very skeptical of their use in team games, what with the much higher number of territory sectors making each trap worth less but still costing the same micro time.

  6. When I get home tonite I will sift through my replays. Hopefully its still there.

  7. Alas, I don’t have it anymore. I do have some crazy 2v2s, maybe my next Battle Report will be a 2v2 game.

  8. And? says:

    Looking forward to it.

  9. Bitter Boy says:

    Don’t forget that your ket gets the ability to booby trap SP’s for free the moment you choose SE. You don’t need a single experience point. And if you do a 2 ket strat like I do, you have can get a lot of early traps, when your opponent would not be expecting them.

  10. That is true, thanks for noting it. Kettens can place traps on all points, not merely strategic points (though I think you meant to say all points not just SPs).

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