Basic Tip: Base-rush on Lorraine

paras_by_doorI know some map changes await when version 2.507 of the balance beta, but I’m about 95% sure no changes will be made to Lorraine, one of my favorite 2v2 maps. This little tactic may be considered lame by some, but in my view it’s fair game. Note that this base rush can work against every player’s HQ sector, though the one pictured seems most convenient. This tactic is a base rush, executable once you have AT infantry like Paratroopers, Stormtroopers, Rangers or any mans packing Panzershrecks. Flamers work as well, though the short range makes AT weaponry preferable. Basically, you place infantry with AT weapons in the civilian building overlooking the MG structure of the player in the lower right of the map.

Surprise, kids!

Surprise, kids!

From here, you can rapidly destroy the MG closest to you — and the extra sight range afforded by garrisoning also allows you to fire on other buildings as well. What’s almost unfair about this particular position is that infantry can approach it from outside the range of the base defenses; in fact it’s very easy not to notice that this is being done to you, if you’re the hapless victim.

Cleaning house.

Cleaning house.

In my example, the Paratroopers can actually attack the second MG bunker from their position in the house, just astounding given the long range. I am not sure if garrisoned infantry receive a range bonus (weapon range, not sight range), but this is incredibly effective, as you can see. From here you just exit the building and sweep effortlessly into the base. Only a Defensive-doctrine Wehrmacht player has any change of stopping this, but given how fast buildings die to Satchel Charges, Panzershrecks and Recoilless Rifles, even they will be forced to retreat.

Normally there would be a just-retreated army to fight, but it was already GG this game.

Normally there would be a just-retreated army to fight, but it was already GG this game.

In the YouTube video below, it was almost GG anyway because my partner had captured an enemy Flak 88 and it’s firing on my opponent’s base already, using my sight radius to spot. Now, if the game is evenly matched, you will have to deal with your enemies’ armies (which they will retreat to fend you off), a great way to counter is using the Strafing Run. Any off-map direct-damage ability will do, 105mm Artillery, Firestorm, etc. and the effect is vicious.

Potential counters: Defensive doctrine Wehrmacht, with defensive base MGs and Registered Artillery and For the Fatherland. On the Panzer Elite side, Sector Artillery will likely make a terrific mess of things as well.


4 Responses to Basic Tip: Base-rush on Lorraine

  1. chef says:

    or just garrison the building yourself first to prevent your enemy using this tactic?

  2. You certainly could counter by garrisoning first, if you saw it coming. But it’s unlikely you’ll have a combat unit idle in your base if you DON’T see it coming till the enemy squads are very close.

  3. bob says:

    I agree with corkscrew, instead of having your men guarding, they should be out capping for resources, but yeah you’re right if you can see it coming, i guess that’s the best way to repel it. đŸ™‚

  4. coh mastermind says:

    or you can just destroy the building:)

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