Basic Tip: Using buildings against MGs

Heavy MGs are very intimidating, especially if you’re new to COH. The Wehrmacht MG42 in particular can suppress Riflemen so quickly it often feels like you’re doing nothing but retreating against a skilled opponent.

Here’s a great illustration of how an MG can be defeated easily by using Riflemen garrisoned in a building to draw its fire. Everyone knows the “classic” MG flank, wherein one squad deliberately enters an MG’s firing arc so that multiple other squads can close in on the MG from other directions. Having a squad in a building draw fire is even easier, as you can see in this example on Sturzdorf.

You’ll notice how the Volksgrenadiers have trouble fending off Riflemen at close range, which is the optimal position for Riflemen when fighting Volks. Also notice how the garrisoned Riflemen take minimal damage from the MG, even after sustained fire — the long range and building defenses make a huge difference.


2 Responses to Basic Tip: Using buildings against MGs

  1. Kat says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think that Maschinengewehr had 32 model, so you probably refer to 42 model, not 32 😛

    Nice tip, using building to draw mg fire is deadly especially on those urban areas on central Sturzdorf, right Angoville and left Langres where buildings are on maximum mg range and you can enter them with riflemen safely from back without being suppressed.

    More experienced players probably will leave the building and deploy outside ready for flanking squads and then enter that building with volks or pios to prevent taking over the building with riflemen. I think this is the best counter to “using buildings for flanking mg’s” 🙂

    From my experience entering building with riflemen before mg enters its building totally locks that mg on garrisoned building and you can assault it with flanking team even from the side of the building mg is shooting. Whereas entering building after mg is garrisoned doesn’t prevent from retargeting mg to flanking team from the same side.

    Do you have the same experience?

  2. That was a bad typo and you are absolutely right, it’s been fixed.

    As far as “locking” an MG on a garrisoned building, I can’t confirm this. You could be right, I just haven’t actually tested this (or noticed it).

    Usually, even if the MG is automatically firing at a garrisoned building, it can be directed to fire at another target so long as the second target is within its current firing arc.

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