Site Update: Back up and running

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

My monitor and replacement video card arrived today. Props goes to EVGA — I think. They replaced my dead Geforce 8800 GTX with a new Geforce 9800 GTX+, which is a more advanced card, theoretically. But my old 8800 packed 768mb of memory, while the 9800 has just 512mb. I don’t think the performance difference will be noticeable, however. In any case, with my sick new 24″ BenQ monitor and my bedroom-den fully set up in my new house, I’m ready to start rockin’ and rollin’ with Rifles Ready! posts again — including Battle Reports. Our next one will be an epic showdown between Rukacidhorse and ikillmedics, a US vs. PE match on the killing fields of Angoville (I love using that phrase to describe just about any COH map). This astounding game earned 180 wubs on! Whoa! Nuts! Ruk goes for a standard PG/Infantry HT strat while medics goes for Armor Company! So yeah, expect some action this weekend.


3 Responses to Site Update: Back up and running

  1. adrock2xander says:

    You need to upgrade your chair as well. Doesn’t go with your pc spex :O

    And what is the deal with those swords! Wowee….

  2. Yeah, i’m too cheap to buy a new chair. I got the green one free from my old job. As for the swords, they are Chinese jian (the one on top is sharpened), which I use for practicing wushu sword and tai chi sword.

  3. Kodachrome says:

    Please post more BR, i enjoy reading them.

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