Advanced Tip: Looking for blind spots

It’s a common situation: You have just secured a position inside a neutral building and are now awaiting the inevitable counter attack.

But more often than not, you forget to secure the blind spot of the house with barbed wire or similar defensive measures. The blind spot on a building is any location outside of it that doesn’t have a window. Thanks to COH’s somewhat nonsensical urban combat mechanic, outside units can attack infantry inside, as if firing through the wall. But the infantry inside — while benefitting from defensive bonuses — can’t return fire because there are no windows to fire out of.

This is a problem if you’re the guy holding the building; an enemy squad standing directly in front of the house can do considerable damage in a surprisingly short time.

However, you can solve this problem by simply destoying a part of the wall with a panzerschreck, a bazooka or a similar weapon.

All you have to do is target the house with the attack-ground order in the control panel. NOTE: This may take several shots, as these AT weapons often miss randomly when manually targeted. The point is, this simple safety measure will make every enemy think twice before attacking from the blind spot again.

Here you see the squad inside can now return fire at the Riflemen trying to abuse the blind spot.


One Response to Advanced Tip: Looking for blind spots

  1. Tvistor says:

    Attack-move and left clicking on the building lets you target it directly, making it far more likely you’ll hit.

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