Beta patch 2.507 is up!

Relic upgrades to honesty 2.0.

Relic is on the move!

I’ll admit we were a little slow writing about Thunder’s original post, but it’s still really fast of Relic to have patch 2.507 ready to roll today. That’s right, the patch itself is available for manual download, in addition to the patch notes being posted, of course. I’ll offer some more specific comments below the fold, but in one sentence: bug fixes over balance changes. Mainly it’s a slew of bug fixes, plus some major (much-needed) British nerfs.

Plus the following interesting statement from Thunder: “I’m sure some of you will note there is no change or fix in these notes for team resource sharing. It is a balance issue and it is something that we are aware of and would like to address. To truly fix team resource sharing, and fix it right, we’re going to need to go into the code that deals with the resource system and change it. It’s a risky change, especially as we’re trying to finalize this patch, and it will require quite a bit of programmer and QA test time that we don’t have to spare right now. As a result we’re going to be address the issue in a different retail patch. There are some steps forward that will be included in this patch, such as: ‘British Resource upgrades no longer share with teammates. Secured Resourcing, Captain’s veterancy resource bonus, and Improved Command Truck resource bonuses only apply to the player performing those upgrades.'”

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– Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.

I’ve seen this same sentence appear in many a patch and it’s always been hit-and-miss. Early on the patches improved stability; the last few have had no discernible effect.

– Fixed a bug that prevented Axis base bunkers from being garrisoned.
– Reverted unintentional buff to pioneer mid-range accuracy.
– There was a small inconsistency among ~10% of null points where they had a different capture speed than the majority. These have been brought up to the standard 15 second capture time.
– Game credits now play.
– Fixed a bug where planes would not exit the world map.
– Fixed a crash that occurred when a chat message was received while transitioning from game setup screen to game loading screen.
– Fixed a bug where resources would not be generated in counter-attack missions.
– Barb wire cutters can be used multiple times.
– Fixed a bug where hills would prevent artillery from firing.
– Fixed an exploit where some artillery could have its cost refunded after use.
– Some abilities which had finicky range issues will now be less finicky (repair, booby traps, etc.).
– Fixed a bug where registered artillery could be cast on structures that were not finished being built.

These all seem pretty minor. Lol, wonder what the airplane bug did… stuck in mid-air after a Strafe?

– Over Repair has been affected in the following ways:
– The health bonus maximum has been reduced
– The rate at which the bonus health decreases (decay) has been increased
– The threshold at which decay no longer applies has been lowered.
– British gliders can no longer crush infantry
– Unconstructed buildings no longer have sight death bonus.
– Units with ‘extended sight’ such as the Vampire will now detect camouflaged units on the minimap.
– American and Werhmacht AI improvements.

Now we get to the heavy stuff. Over Repair always seemed stupid to me. I say take away the decay effect altogether and reduce the health bonus significantly — say enough for a Firefly or Cromwell to survive one extra Tiger shell before criticals start happening. While I cheer the glider fix, I’ll be holding my breath until I play like 20 games and gliders don’t crush anything. Relic really needs to elaborate on the AI “improvements,” however, does this refer to squads moving out of cover or what?

Overall, a solid patch. Rifles Ready! officially adopts a “wait-and-see” attitude on the glider crush.


2 Responses to Beta patch 2.507 is up!

  1. And? says:

    I second the wait-and-see. We’ve been old this before.

  2. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

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