‘Tanktrap Ghosting’ no more

That's how a completed tank trap looks like.

So that's what completed tank traps look like! Well I never!

Here’s a shocker. GR.org has gone all coked up and decided to go all Big Brother on her faithful community and threw one hell of a gauntlet into the ring. I mean, I’m not hardcore into the silly things that go on the in the forums (trolls come to mind) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pro-action, errrr, action taken by GR.org.

Weird. The half-built tank traps bug has been around for a really long time but nothing was done to rectify it. I reckon one of the senior staff must have had one too many aggravated tank trap loss, lost his temper and went all Columbine High School with the law.

If that’s the case, why aren’t other known bugs put under the periscope? Let’s see, I can think of the commando glider crush, the nade (or any projectile) out of window or even the taco truck killing full squads in a building.


10 Responses to ‘Tanktrap Ghosting’ no more

  1. huppla says:

    Unless I am reading this wrong, it’s not Relic banning tank trap ghosting, only Gamereplays.org. Which is fine with me. Relic should of course just fix the damn exploit inside the game, but as an interim measure, GR.org putting out some vigilante justice is a decent stopgap.

  2. Pkunk says:

    Erm.. it wasn’t Relic, it was Gamereplays.org.

  3. Pkunk says:

    Heh, we both posted at exact same time 🙂

  4. huppla says:

    Hehe – interesting coincidence. 😉 Better than Jesus in a Cincinatti cinnamon bun?

  5. adrock2xander says:

    Mmmm…oops lol. I’ll make the change now haha.

    Aww you guys became friends haha.

  6. Rapba says:

    I thought the same thing^^
    But I think, that the other bugs mentioned are either not cleary bugs, but maybe just stupid game-play-mechanics (glider crush) or not that game-breaking and rarely used (nades out of windows).

  7. Kiltec says:


    I’m one of the co-owners of GameReplays.org and just want to chime in to say that you’re wrong with your theory the reason for this action was that some senior staff member lost due to that bug.

    The decision to ban this bug was made by us Global Admins and most of us don’t even own the game. That’s also why it only got banned now, after discussing it with the staff of CoH; we simply didn’t know until recently and our CoH staff simply didn’t know that a ban like this one would even be possible.

    If you read the thread, esp. Darky’s replies, you’ll also see that it’s quite possible that other bug abuses will be banned, too, but so far there hasn’t been the need to, since the other bugs don’t seem as game-breaking as the ghost tank traps.
    And to ban each and every bug would be kinda silly, too. 😛

    However, we always take a strong position on cheating and bug abusing (the Scud bug in CnC comes to mind), we’re all gamers, too, and cheating ruins multiplayer games, period.



  8. Jaeger_II says:

    I think the tank traps bug was one of the top issues. Getting your starting bikes, bren carrier, or jeep trapped consistently really breaks the game.

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