Site Update: Moved in, at long last!

No Japanese or Russians...

No Japanese or Russians...

Dear readers, friends, fellow Romans — you have my deep apologies for this week-long hiatus on Rifles Ready!, rest assured it isn’t permanent. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, official news on COH: Tales of Valor and official art have leaked out, chiefly through a solid preview at IGN. It’s chock full of accurate, independently verified and reliable details, so if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so on the double, as they say in the Army. It would seem I vastly underestimated the amount of time and effort required when you move into your first house. Aside from having to pack, unpack, move heavy furniture, arrange stuff, I also had to get three renters signed up so I won’t have to face the mortgage payments alone. Then you have what I like to call the “random shit factor” — doors that won’t fit in doorframes and must be trimmed with the tools at hand, replacing sink aerators, lightbulbs and so forth.

Anyways, my crack team of fellow contributors were supposed to pick up the slack, but instead they slacked off, so we’ve left you all out in the cold. Sorry!

This weekend Rifles Ready! will return to form, with an all-new Battle Report on a ridiculous replay between Calneon and some top-ranked Panzer Elite player (with a wub factor in the triple digits!).

You can also expect me to resume editing and releasing Surprise‘s budding classic, Fear and Loathing and Kane’s Wrath in Los Angeles.

I’ll post some pix of the house when I get a chance. Stay tuned and to quote the Rev. Jesse Jackson: “Keep hope alive! And keep hope alive!


3 Responses to Site Update: Moved in, at long last!

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Don’t forget to hook up some form of internet access. I say this as I’m in the process of weeding out my overpriced ISP and a landline I don’t even use for a naked ADSL2+ which would save me heaps in land line rental. Bummer for Australian telco. Bring on the European prices!

  2. jodonnell says:

    Even when you aren’t moving much stuff, it really is amazing how long it takes to settle in. Several days spent driving all over town having to buy and re-buy stuff…

    Three roommates, eh…now you’ve got an in-house 2v2 crew, not to mention the correct number of teammates to survive a zombie apocalypse!

  3. Rash says:

    HAHA! “Friends, readers, fellow Romans”
    is that an Asterix reference i see đŸ˜›
    i don’t know many other people who are into it.

    anyways CoH ToV is gonna be \m/ … can’t wait!

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