We are…or rather…I am…still alive

It's not all doom and gloom

It's not all doom and gloom

Hello furry friends from the far outposts of the world, it’s been a few long weeks. Just in case anyone is wondering what is up with the website (over a week and no new content *shock gasp horror*) I can vouch that everyone is busy with life in some ways or another.

Me? As regular readers would know I had experienced some overheating problems with my computer, resulting in a military units non grata kerfuffle that rendered my computer unusable. A quick trip to the PC service bloke revealed a mandatory hardware upgrade that was not only long overdue, but also a big slap to my wallet.

Almost a month later and weeks behind in blog posts schedule – Rifles Ready! amongst them – I return with a rather bleak view of the cost of hardware. Ok I kid, but still it hurts to fork out that much when the worldwide economy experiences a downward spiral, second only to the pittance of the miscreant that is the Australian dollar.

As a further insult, I struggled with the re-installation of COH and OF and her relevant patches (1.77GB patch anyone?). And when I finally got around to playing (some seven hours later) I looked like a kid with an ice cream cone in his hand, as I got beat down silly by a scout car spamming PE player.

Rustiness, anyone?


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