Unofficial: Tales of Valor previewed

Details, details...

Details, details...

The eagle eyes of our reporters here at Rifles Ready! spotted a brief post over at PlanetCOH that purports to be a translation of a German gaming magazine’s preview of COH: Tales of Valor. Can you say all that five times fast? While I fully agree this information has traveled a remarkable distance (German-language magazine to translation by someone at the RelicNews forum to PlanetCOH to Rifles Ready!), it does seem totally genuine.

Here’s my summary of the translated information from the German magazine, PC Games.

  • There will be a new multiplayer mode where you — and possibly a teammate or two — must defend a civilian town against AI opponents.
  • There will be at least one new campaign, the Tiger Ace campaign, in which you will control ONE Tiger tank and possibly some support troops. Could this be the “direct-fire” mode? 
  • This campaign will play out in a special mode; the Tiger will be controlled by four soldiers, each with unique skills that can be improved with accumulated experience. There’s a maximum “level” cap of four. Increased levels allow the soldiers to provide the Tiger with new abilities. For instance, your gunner will gain the ability to fire high-explosive rounds when he’s leveled up. Other abilities will allow you to improve the Tiger’s maneuverability attributes. Experience gained and abilities upgraded will be preserved between missions.
  • The other new campaigns will take place in Normandy, but no word on whether they’ll be like the Tiger Ace campaign or be more conventional.
  • This is vague, but the German preview mentions Relic discussing “a system which lets the AI only see what a real tank could see.” I have no idea what this means, but maybe it means the Tiger can only see directly in front of it, with the fog of war obscuring everything outside that narrow area? Your guess is as good as mine.
  • There is no word on any new factions, but designers did mention an introductory cinematic that takes place in… *drumroll please* … LENINGRAD! Also PlanetCOH quotes the magazine as saying “the lead designer didn’t want to talk about things like ‘Russia’ (yet…).”
  • The Essence engine which powers COH will NOT be upgraded in ToV.
  • Please remember, as far as Rifles Ready! is concerned, these details are all very open to debate. The information here is like fifth-hand and filtered through a translation. It most definitely doesn’t meet our ideal journalistic standard, which would call for us to independently confirm the translation. Alas, I speak no German.

    So: take it all with a grain of salt and wait for Relic to do an English-language interview. The fact they gave an exclusive to a German magazine must say a lot about COH’s fanbase, no?


    9 Responses to Unofficial: Tales of Valor previewed

    1. The Hat says:

      There is no mention as yet of pie being present in ToV.

      I want my hypothetical money back.

    2. Logabob says:

      How piddly.

      I get the impression that you WANT more factions, Cork?

      That’s the wrong way to be, if you ask me.

    3. Corkscrewblow says:

      Yes, I want more factions. I refuse to believe that the answer to balance requires limiting the number of factions.

      Plus, Relic’s standalone expansion system seems very fair to me. If you hate Brits and PE, go play vanilla COH where they don’t exist.

      If very few people are playing vCOH, that clearly means 1.) balance is less important than variety or 2.) the balance difference between vCOH and Opposing Fronts isn’t that huge a deal.

      I feel it’s a combo of both. Brits are OP but not beyond the realm of being saved via a few more pointed nerfs. In any case, the more I play this game, the more balanced it feels. I used to think PE straight dominates US but now I think it’s pretty even if you play your cards right. It’s not perfect but it’s still enjoyable to play. Plus I do believe Relic will eventually release the balance beta into retail and that will make things much, much better. A similar (hopefully faster) process is in store for ToV, if there are indeed new factions to balance. I think Relic has learned from debacles like changing the basic ICS (infantry combat system) and won’t repeat them.

      So for ToV, I say bring on the Russians and Japanese (or whatever factions). It would inject far more new blood into this stagnating community — while reinvigorating older players — than some gimmicky solo campaigns.

    4. ts4ever says:

      I read the german preview and your summary is pretty much right, but the designers stated that there will be NO new factions. One journalist also voiced concern about how Relic seems to “dumb down” CoH to appeal to a broader market. He wrote the Tiger ace demo level seemed to lack substance and was very easy, with all abilities unlocked in a short period of time.

    5. Wow, great catch… I’m glad we can count German language speakers among our readers!!

      Although I’m disappointed in the lack of new factions, did the preview say anything specific on new units? Will it be a new doctrine per faction?

      How about the Leningrad thing? If there’s no new armies, what’s THAT all about?

    6. […] the Tiger Ace Campaign is ToV-only material – Confirmed: there will be new multiplayer modes (see previous coverage), though Thunder can’t explain exactly what they […]

    7. ts4ever says:

      About the leningrad thing: It seems to be in the intro, I guess it shows earlier combat experiences of the Tiger crew before they were moved to the western front.

    8. Dave says:

      LAme it seems to me no russian front…if it does not have a russian front i aint buying it its just gona suck balls. not worth the money plus if the tiger ace mod is gona be easy to beat nothing alse put of the ordinary ima give a huge complain to relic

    9. frost says:

      hey guys thought id let you know IGN has a preview plus gameplay video up in case you missed it.

      IGN Preview:

      IGN Video:

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