Battle Report: CorkscrewBlow (USA) vs KZ4kot (PE)

REPLAYJianshu (Airborne) vs. KZ4Kot (Tank Busters) RETAIL 2.301

Eagles, on me!

Eagles, on me!

Out fighting on the sunny fields of Angoville for this battle report is our blog founder, Corkscrewblow taking on top-ranked Panzer Elite player KZ4kot in a relatively short yet instructive fight. I’ll be doing the reviewing this game as part of my return to the blog and giving a few pointers to Cork on the nuances of American vs PE play. Cork uses a bold upgraded Rifle/Airborne strategy while KZ4kot uses an old PE standby, the Armored Car (AC) rush. Can Cork’s Americans take the heat?

Going for the high fuels before everything else is a must as Americans vs PE

Going for the high fuels before everything else is a must as Americans vs PE

The game begins as both players attempt to link up fuel supplies as quickly as possible. KZ4kot sends his first PE squad to spoil Cork’s expansion on the  right at the cost of guarding his own expansion on the left, something Cork failed to take care of by not going directly for the high fuel with his engineers as quickly as possible (a must in the early game!). Cork then builds a jeep sacrificing firepower for more harassment and begins to regain some momentum as he chases KZ4kot’s kettengrad around the map.  After securing the left side of the map, Cork moves to cut KZ4kot off on his side but is too late to prevent a Panzer Jager Kommand and then an AC from being built. KZ4kot counterattacks and pushes Cork off his side of the field with the aid of his first AC.

Cork purchases BAR rifles, further putting him ahead of KZ4kot in the infantry race. Cork would be wise to spread his rifles out and capture the map at this point, to capitalize on his riflemen’s superiority over panzergrenadiers and minimize the impact of the armored car. A second AC enters the fray and really begins punishing Cork for his lack of AT and high concentration of rifles in one location.

Grant will now be unable to link up his fuel, while KZ4kot has his fuel beginning to pour in, limiting Grant's options to counter a fast AC

Grant will now be unable to link up his fuel, while KZ4kot has his fuel beginning to pour in, limiting Grant

Cork is finally able to deploy some AT when he drops paratroopers and upgrades them with RR’s.  They get their first kill of the day on an innocent kettengrad passing by.  Cork makes a large push to the undefended left side of Angoville, hoping to regain his lost map control.  The armored cars are quick to respond and begin firing on rifles not guarded by the recoiless rifles.  A quick firefight erupts between both player’s infantry, but Cork is at a disadvantage due to some of his riflemen’s position in red cover.  KZ4kot begins pumping assault infantry out, neutralizing Cork’s superiority in infantry strength.

Cork regroups with a newly constructed triage center, however he quickly makes a mistake when he separates his paratroopers from his main rifle force. This leaves the rifles unguarded from the AC’s, and the paratroopers unguarded from assault infantry.  A skirmish on the right hand side courtyard erupts, with both player’s infantry taking a beating. Unfortunately for Cork, he leaves some of his infantry behind the wall and out of the fight where they could have proven decisive.  An AT gun is dropped at the end of the fight, where it repels the armored cars too late to save Cork’s rifle force.

Grant places his rifles in the red cover of the road when attacking this building. In almost all situations it is better to place them in the yellow cover by the tractor

Grant places his rifles in the red cover of the road when attacking this building. In almost all situations it is better to place them in the yellow cover by the tractor

KZ4kot launches a counter attack to regain the territory lost, and Cork suffers a terrain disadvantage. The hedgerows block his AT guns from getting at the armored cars and provide cover for the assault infantry to get in close. KZ4kot gets a little too ambitious however, and launches his attack too quickly.  With the aid of a mortar halftrack he begins bombarding the position he just failed to take, moving Cork’s AT gun – the only thing keeping his rifles from the AC’s.  They move in for the kill, taking out many rifles and the AT gun. Cork gets off a parting sticky bomb to destroy one of the armored cars, however it is a not a fair trade in resources and puts Cork further behind.

Never leave your paratroopers isolated like this.

Never leave your paratroopers isolated like this.

Cork desperately tries to take the left side and slow the bleed of his VP’s, and kills another AC with a fresh AT gun. His riflemen are overrun by more assault infantry, which is sad because it could have been prevented with more suppressive fire from the BAR’s (Cork had plenty of munitions, over 150).  The VP’ bleed out as assualt infantry overrun Cork’s AT guns.


– Hung in there, made a very good fight despite the fact that you had no AT for a very long time against AC’s
– Good unit survivability, even had a Rifle last long enough to get rank 3 veterancy
– Generally good AT positioning, kept it alive against flanking AC’s and mortar halftracks

– Jeep first put you at a firepower disadvantage compared to another rifle squad, which would have been very helpful in controlling the fuel earlier on. Better fuel control leads to slower Armored Cars, making them much more manageable.
– Lack of a fast counter to the ACs, I know I’m a real preacher for the fast M8, but it would have paid dividends here my friend.
– A little too eager to fight, there were battles where it would have been wise to pull back sooner and avoid so much damage to your riflesquds, especially against ACs.


– Solid opening game, you came in the game with a clear idea of what you wanted to do and you executed that part well.
– Kettengrad survivability, this little bugger kept alive for a remarkably long time considering the jeep on the field. A little more attention and he would have lasted the entire game.
– Spread AC’s out, a must vs 57mm’s. You also had excellent micro on your first two ACs, both of them getting high levels of veterancy. This seemed to fall apart as the game went on however.
– Mortar halftrack, solid counter to the 57mm’s, you also kept it far back and out of harm’s way.

– You had very poor survivability on your panzergrenadiers, forcing you to keep making more squads. This was the prime factor in keeping the game even for so long.
– Lack of 4 man squads, would have done wonders for squad survivability and would have also helped them out vs the BAR riflesquads.
– Lack of PZIV, would have been a real game ender if gotten out as early as you could have – would have been worth sacrificing extra PG squads for.
– I got a general sense that you began to loosen up a bit too much as the game went on. You had a good lead but this is by no means neccesary and excuse for getting sloppy.

9 Responses to Battle Report: CorkscrewBlow (USA) vs KZ4kot (PE)

  1. Surprise’s points are all well taken, yet I feel like I pretty much played at my best in this match… pretty clearly shows me hitting my ceiling right now, lol.

    I probably would’ve fared better playing at the same skill level, but using a pure Rifle –> M8 build.

    My only concern going for fast M8 is how randomly M8s are lost to Teller Mines, Light AT Halftrack’s Treadbreaker, and Rifle effectiveness vs. PGs without BARs. I’ve learned my lesson though… on a fuel-heavy map vs. PEs, I’m going to risk putting all my eggs in one basket and go right for the M8. In the retail game, anyway.

    BTW — congrats Surprise on a GREAT first BATTLE REPORT!!

  2. AdAb says:

    Very interesting, cheers for the sweet report.

  3. Dips says:

    I have a question. I simply cant view any expert games. I hv COH v 1.71. I am putting the (.rec) files in My Documents/ My Games/Coh/Playback folder. But the games names are not showing in the skirmish/Recorded games list. [:(] Can u guys help me out? plssss reply ….

  4. Only the original COH had version numbers below 2.0.

    If you don’t have the COH expansion, Opposing Fronts, you will not be able to view any of these replays.

    Version 2.301 is the correct version number for the latest retail version of COH: Opposing Fronts.

  5. AdAb says:

    Hmm.. not sure if still possible but when I had vanilla COH I could still view replays with the new factions, however, I did have the very latest patches.

  6. You’re supposed to. They don’t make you download a 1gb patch for nothing, hopefully.

  7. Dips says:

    When are we going to have more ‘battle Reports’ Corkscrew? I am sure alott like me is waiting for more … 🙂

  8. I know Battle Reports are really popular, however as I posted earlier I am in the middle of moving to my new house (which I paid all my life savings to get, yikes), so I am afraid it will be a slow week on the blog.

    I’m also showing the house to renters, which takes more time. Still, as I said earlier, I have an entire WEEK off work starting 11/24, and that’s when we’ll really swing back into full gear. But even before then, I will continue to try and post something every couple of days.

  9. Surprise says:

    If somebody has a good high level replay I’ll do a BR. If you think you have a good replay, send it to me at my email –

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