Site Update: Surprise’s WCG series

What competitive play is REALLY like.

What competitive play is REALLY like.

Steven “Surprise” Uray, a COH legend in his own right and Rifles Ready! senior strategy expert, will soon mark his return from a lengthy hiatus with a series of posts about his adventures in Los Angeles as part of the World Cyber Games championships. While Surprise played C&C 3: Kane’s Wrath at WCG, his series of posts will focus entirely on the mental aspect of competitive RTS play, and what the scene and the players are like.

I’ve read his writing, and it’s written with Surprise’s signature wit and he applies the same methodical mindset to his writing as he does to his COH gameplay. Really it reads like an RTS-gaming version of Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, written in the first-person with all the trappings of the literary journalism (aka “gonzo” journalism) genre.

Stay tuned for his first of many posts, plus Surprise’s FIRST-EVER Battle Report, wherein he critiques one of my games against a top-ranked Panzer Elite player! Lots more COH goodness coming later this week!


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