Relic officially announces second COH expansion

The rumors are true!

The rumors are true!

Wow, has Election Day 2008 been a big news day or what? First Surprise returns, then Rifles Ready! endorses Barack Obama, and now our reporters have gotten ahold of an official press release from THQ announcing a new, standalone COH expansion pack called Tales of Valor. Rifles Ready! was one of the first sites to report the rumors of COH: ToV, but actual verifiable news of its existence, or what it was, has been nonexistent up until the unveiling of the press release yesterday.

Here’s what we know so far:
– ToV will be a standalone game, much like Opposing Fronts; presumably a huge patch awaits vCOH and Opposing Fronts-only players when ToV comes out, so they can see new units but not use any new armies
– Three new single-player campaigns
– New multiplayer modes
– New maps and units
– A new “direct-fire” feature that allows players “more tactical control of their units and more strategic options in-game”
– THQ lists a release date of “spring 2009” but retailers including have long listed a more specific date of March 9, 2009

Nowhere in the press release or any official material does it say there are any new armies or factions, but we believe there’s a high probability there will be new armies. Given the ripe history Relic can draw from, it’s not inconceivable to imagine the Russians being added to the Allied side and the Japanese appearing on the Axis side.

There are no specifics on what the new units will be, aside from the press release’s generic statement that ToV will cover some of the most “historic, tide-turning clashes of World War II.”

There’s a single canned quote from a PR official, which I excerpt here:

“‘In Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, we’re offering players a ton of rich, new content including more strategic options in single-player and multiplayer,’ said Tarrnie Williams, general manager, Relic Entertainment. ‘With fresh new campaigns and multiplayer modes, brand-new units, additional maps and the introduction of the ‘direct-fire’ feature, we’re once again committed to delivering the best in strategic gaming.'”

You can view the full press release here, but it contains little information that we haven’t covered in this post. We can probably also explain why so little resources appear to have been directed to patching COH and Opposing Fronts; between developing ToV and Dawn of War II, Relic’s relatively small team has been stretched thin.

Cheers, sports fans! Change IS coming to COH!

8 Responses to Relic officially announces second COH expansion

  1. The Hat says:

    There is a god.

    And he wants me to destroy the allies.

  2. jodonnell says:

    New factions are an extremely high-budget item and are part of the design of a product from the get-go, so don’t get your hopes up. If they don’t announce them here, they’re not gonna appear between now and the release. You don’t go making a press release and then omit your #1 selling point.

    I am definitely looking forward to new maps, however. I loved that OF’s maps added the new setting of Holland to the roster alongside Normandy (even if the Dutch looking maps were mostly not very fun to play.) I hope some of the new maps feature some different “tilesets” (not strictly accurate, but you know what I mean.) The fan community made some fantastic beta maps, like that one guy who made Dust & Stones and Fire & Ice, so I hope we see something like that in ToV.

    Can’t wait to hear about what “direct fire” means. My initial guess would be an option to “jump into” a unit and control it FPS-style (like some other sim-heavy WW2 RTS titles,) though that seems like a very radical change, so it’s probably not likely.

  3. Additional units alone would be pretty slim pickings, I’m hoping at least for a fourth doctrine being added to the existing factions.

    I really hope “direct fire” isn’t anything special. I think the more gimmicky or radical Relic goes, the less it will feel like COH. Anyone remember when they totally changed the infantry combat system (ICS)?

    Amazing that Relic wouldn’t think that was a big deal, and had to be bullied into fixing it by their fans.

  4. surpriseprime says:

    I think the problem with the ICS was it just wasn’t fun. You had squads getting down to like 25% with 5 members and had to decide if you wanted to keep them in the fight and risk losing them all just so you could lose some squad members, retreat, reinforce, and regain health. The ICS really was not too much of a problem for factions like the Americans or PE with base healing, but for the whermacht it was a total nightmare.

  5. Logabob says:

    I would pay for it if it just removed the British.

  6. player says:

    I am dumb or somthing? Tales of valor is installed on my pc so how relic can officially announce this addon? i had it a couple moths ago!

  7. Fallschirmjäger Major says:

    Tales of Valor is rather disappointing!
    No new factions, very few maps/campaigns….
    I think THQ/Relic could have been a little more generous 😛
    Even the Eastern Front mod is pretty lame….
    COH has so much potential, and what I don’t get is why THQ/Relic designers and developers are wasting time on rediculous projects in China for a COH Online gsme, when they could have used that time to make another exp!

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