Red storm rising

This game would sell faster if a bottle of Hammer and Sickle vodka was included...

This game would sell faster if a bottle of Hammer and Sickle vodka was included... EA could call it the Socialist Edition!

Like most self-respecting RTS fans, I’m at this moment playing and loving the hell out of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Having been a long time Red Alert fan, I’m just eating up the hammy action — good God does every actor ham it up in spectacular fashion! It’s just awesome.

I don’t want to write a whole review here on Rifles Ready!, but I’ll just venture to say you should probably consider getting this game. It’s a blast and the graphics are even more gorgeous than in C&C 3. The whole package has been done so many times before, even by Electronic Arts alone, but EA has managed to shine the C&C RTS to a mirror polish after so many iterations. That benefits RA3 considerably, and it feels very solid and fun straight out of the box.

I’ll be swinging back into the thick of things in a couple days, after the thrill of arcade-like tank and infantry battles get boring. COH’s signature 1% health bug on armor will soon seem refreshing rather than frustrating.

2 Responses to Red storm rising

  1. Kersal says:

    I’m old RA fan and i’m playing RA3 too.
    The real actor scenes are awesome, the graphic is good overall but…
    ..BUT IT IS OLD! After CoH all those games (and SC2 i think will be the same) smell old. The best thing of CoH is that 1% Fug! Is the luck factor…is like the real world… you send a squad to kill an easy target BUT you cannot know if a bad luck incident will give you a loss. In RA3 if u see a lone enemy unit you know exactly which unit to send to kill it. EVER.

  2. Eh, I don’t really consider COH the same mold of RTS. They both play well, but are clearly in very different subgenres. I think each will last a long time in their own way.

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