Shooting down Henschel overflights

This is a little random, but somebody mentioned the other day they weren’t sure if the Panzer Elite’s Henschel ground-attack planes could be shot down by Allied anti-aircraft fire. Well, they sure can. Check out this clip from the retail version (where Henschel accuracy is badly bugged). My friend and I had bottled two British players into the middle of St. Hilaire, and kept attacking with heavy armor. NOTE: Sorry for the bad bass, I had my speakers turned up. Won’t happen again.

I had so much ammo I could spam Henschel patrols as soon as they cooled down. With the Henschel’s guns bugged, the planes will shoot totally random targets, which means a cluster of British buildings, armor and even infantry can be hit, as well as neutral buildings.

Two Henschels go down to the two British Bofors; one hits a Vickers nest and takes out some kind of building (I forget which one). This HAS to be annoying for Allied players; even more so when Relic releases the balance patch and Henschels can shoot straight again.

2 Responses to Shooting down Henschel overflights

  1. colonelcommissar says:

    Hmm… was I the only one to watch that video and think, “I wish one of the Axis players had gone Wehr > Terror > V1” ? 😀

  2. Jaeger_II says:

    Well, that first crash was rather epic. I think this would be even worse for US, which has no AA at all; I don’t think the Quad AA fires at airplanes. The Henshel’s random accuracy is much more frustrating when you have a blue on blue…

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