Advanced Tip: Stafe-pinning to kill elite infantry

A Rifleman weighs in on the opposition...

A Rifleman weighs in on the opposition...

Riflemen, even with BARs, can have a hard time standing up to Axis infantry armed with G43 rifles, FG42s and of course, MP44s (the most common SMG in the game). BARs are great weapons, but have a hard time chipping through tough, mid-game units like vetted Grenadiers, Stormtroopers, and G43/MP44 Panzer Grenadiers. Bring in Fallschirmjaegers and Knight’s Cross Holders and you got yourself something I like to call “a problem.”

In the late game, Axis players often have multiple squads of elite, anti-infantry troops with full or nearly full veterancy. Vanilla Rifles are owned outright, sometimes faster than you can hit retreat. The G43’s slowing ability combined with Axis SMG troops is simply murder. You really must preserve Rifle veterancy to have any chance in a straight infantry firefight against these troops.

But Airborne players DO have one equalizer — the Strafing Run. I’m not talking about the occasional Strafing Runs which mow down every man in its path. I’m talking about the nerfed, beta Strafe which primarily pins enemy soldiers, maybe killing one or two in the process. The video below shows what I’m talking about: careful use of air support that forces enemy squads to choose one of two very bad options: 1.) wait for the suppression/pin to wear off and eat grenades and focused BAR fire, or 2.) retreat, running past a shooting gallery of BARs.

As you can see in the clip, the Strafing Run did practically no damage to the enemy squads, however it pinned all three. This was a 2v2 game where I was the Airborne player. The Wehrmacht player immediately spams the retreat button, which results in his Stormtroopers being instantly cut down, because their position requires them to retreat through my three BAR Rifles. The PE player, noticing the fate of the Storms, crawls his Fallschirmjaegers away, hoping to recover from the pin in time to retreat down a different path. The grenade forces him to retreat from his current position, and both squads are eaten alive by a hail of BAR fire.

This is the absolute best way to eliminate very powerful enemy squads, and it earns your Riflemen a lot of veterancy, to boot. It should be noted the PE player complained that I was a “noob Strafe spammer,” which struck me as being particularly amusing. Strafing Runs are still good, they just require a little more combined arms to wipe out whole squads.

7 Responses to Advanced Tip: Stafe-pinning to kill elite infantry

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Jesus that Axis player must be cursing and swearing. He lost like what, 5 whole squads?

  2. AdAb says:

    I know, lol!

    Is that really gonna happen that often though? I mean, you have to get between the enemy and his base and get him line up more or less and you have the right amount and type of units. I suppose it could happen a little but, is it worth the cost of munitions, 150? Seems like alot in comparison to the crappy Nebelwerfer (for example) which, for nothing, can supress nearby troops easy enough while causing damage and also in comparison to axis off map artillery and stukas.

  3. Nebels are loud. Plus they must be moved relatively close to the action, and they also do friendly damage.

    Strafe comes without warning, doesn’t damage your troops, and isn’t really limited by position (maybe on really long rectangular maps like St. Hilaire).

    While what I had in the clip is a perfect setup, it’s not hard to imagine how this is still effective when they don’t retreat through your men. Your guys still get a chance to concentrate several volleys of fire against retreating men.

    Plus you get a bonus for repositioning your men so the enemy DOES have to retreat through them. I think this will work great, only issue is that Strafe is too expensive right now, if this is all it does.

  4. 13laded says:

    Problem being strafing run in this sense becomes something of a more expensive prop war, admittedly a little more useful in some situation and a little less in others but I hardly feel the intention was to make it a second prop war.

    Also the MP44 isn’t really an SMG, it’s an assault rifle.

  5. AdAb says:

    Good tip though, cheers.

  6. monkeylotus says:

    Don’t forget about the BAR’s Suppression Fire ability!

    I use it all the time to slow advancing enemy troops. I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed it used against me, which tells me either A: I never realized it was happening–there’s no telltale flash, text or icon that I know of (as with, for example, Slow or Button Vehicle), or B: it’s very rarely ever used (which, incidentally, is likely to lead to ‘A’, due to its being unfamiliar). It seems to me that this ability is somewhat under the radar, and under-utilized, because it isn’t flashy; no big bangs or whizzing airplanes, no extra sound effects or graphics other than the already ever-present chatter of the BARs.

    Use it while you’re flanking or displacing. One squad can cover others, or even itself–after all, unlike light or heavy machine guns, BARs can be fired on the run so you can force your enemy to keep their heads down while you break cover.

    Use it in combination with a grenade or sticky–the Sticky Bomb and Grenade cool-downs are linked to each other, but NOT to Suppression Fire’s. Whether you’re going after infantry, or after a tank supported by infantry, a single rifle squad can be suppressing at the same time it is lining up a throw.

    Use it to cover retreating squads and weapon crews: especially useful when a squad of Knight’s Cross are charging your AT guns.

    Or just use it to slow down the enemy long enough to let your own boys extract their pound of flesh. (Doh! I just remembered: Rifle’s Ready recently did a piece on Suppression in CoH a couple of posts ago–check it out to help you work out the unit mix and tactics you intend to use with this ability) If your micro is feeling frisky, focus fire on a squad long enough to pin them, then move on to another one while the first is still squirming in the dirt.

    I sometimes find myself overusing it, or using it as a panic button. At 50 munis, it’s not super-expensive, but it isn’t cheap to spam, either. Remember, as with artillery strikes and a lot of other abilities, it’s better to use it strategically and early on to win a fight, not desperately and last-ditch at the tail-end of a losing fight. However, if you keep your head, and manage to use it in time, it could save some otherwise-doomed rifles from having to retreat through a squad of assault rifles blazing away. And at the end of the day, it IS cheaper than a strafing run or arty (and not doctrine specific either).

    Heh, this post turned out longer than I expected, but I hope it’s helpful! I’ve only been playing several months now and I’m not good yet–but this website is far and away the best place, along with, that I’ve found to help me improve my CoH game. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. chuck says:

    what about a squad with mg42?

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