Site Update: Full Fraps video in Battle Reports

You are in for a frapping good time.

You are in for a frapping good time.

I asked for donations, and I was impressed by the rapid reader response. A big thanks to all of you, truly I’m humbled by your generosity. I am therefore pleased to announce that I have the full version of Fraps, which means all YouTube clips on Rifles Ready! will no longer have the Fraps watermark or be limited to 30 seconds of video. Future Battle Reports will feature clips (slow-motion if need be) of crucial moments in replays, in addition to the carefully cropped and labeled screenshots you’ve come to expect.

Indeed, video clips in Battle Reports will begin this weekend, when I cover an absolutely epic matchup of old vs. new: Nystrom‘s lightning-like U.S. against SayNotoStim‘s methodical Wehrmacht. Fellow sports fans, this is a storied matchup, one for the books. For Nystrom to step back into the ring after many long months of playing WoW or whatever he’s been up to — is a rare chance for COH newcomers to see the legend in action. Sepha invented Riflespam — Nystrom made it an art.

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