Site Update: Please donate!

$1 makes a big difference.

$1 makes a big difference.

How much is $1 or $2 worth to you? It can make a world of difference to this blog. I’ve added a new Donate tab next to the Rifles Ready! Store tab beneath our masthead. Just to be clear, it has never been my intention to make this blog some sort of profit-seeking venture. Nope, I dedicate time to this blog for the love of the game (cue soundtrack to that bad Kevin Costner baseball movie). That being said, it will cost money to buy the full version of Fraps, which I plan to do. This will mean the YouTube videos of COH gameplay that illustrate our tips, tricks and tactics can finally run longer than 30 seconds (the limit with the free version of Fraps). Plus there’s still the long sought-after purchase of our own domain name and hosting, which will allow the placement of ads to sustain Rifles Ready! without sticking our hand out for donations. These things cost money, but they’ll make this blog better, I guarantee it.

You can go to the Donate tab to read my full message on donations, as well as access our PayPal donation link. Or, simply click here to go straight to our donation form on PayPal. You’ll feel good about supporting us, I promise.

And thanks for reading — it’s appreciated!


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