Relic wants YOUR vote for beta changes

There’s been a lengthy three weeks of doldrums from Relic, with virtually no word on the state of the balance playtest. That ended late last week with Thunder posting a topic on, asking YOU the player for the top 3 best and worst changes made in the beta. This particular post is only four pages long after five days.

It seems to me a strikingly somber indication of what Relic’s erratic, uncommunicative attitude toward the beta has done to player enthusiasm. I honestly miss people like Melissia (anybody remember her? The female player who spammed posts and quoted COH-Stats like it was her job?) and the constant, frenzied flame wars they ignited over a game they loved. It’s much better than stagnation, and the gradual thinning of the COH community, with talented players spending their time and energy on other RTS games (C&C 3 is a big one, to EA’s credit).

Anyway, I’ll stop the editorial ranting. My quick skim of the post shows a good deal of overlap and agreement on what the best and worst changes were. Frequently cited best changes include nerfing of British emplacement durability, nerfing of Panzer Elite all around, and buffing of Wehrmacht tier 3 and U.S. Armor Company to boost their respective viability.  The most common worst changes tended to be much more focused on very specific issues, such as the Puma’s absurd dodge rate, Churchill being too strong at 3 CPs, Allied resource sharing still too good, and bugs like half-built tank traps stopping vehicles.

My opinions are as follows, although I have made a clear distinction between intentional balance changes and straight-up bugs resulting from Relic’s incompetence, short-sightedness, or just unforseen interactions between game mechanics.

Top 3 best beta changes:
– Panzer Elite nerfed across the board. Thank you Jesus.
– Armor Company getting buffs (could still use a little more).
– All British nerfs.

Worst 3 beta changes:
– Ungarrisonable upgraded Wehrmacht Bunkers.
– Strafing Run just about worthless now.
– Dodge abilities of Puma.

Top 3 bugs that must be fixed NOW:
– Half-built tank traps trapping tanks.
– Commando Gliders still crushing units.
– Kettenrad acts like a compass in the Bermuda Triangle when U.S. Jeep gets close

4 Responses to Relic wants YOUR vote for beta changes

  1. Ts4EVER says:

    The glider issue would be fixed by introducing a delay before the thing lands. Makes aiming harder.

  2. colonelcommissar says:

    Lol @ ketten-compass analogy & tyJC for PE nerfs.

    Couldn’t agree more with changes + bugs listed.

  3. AdAb says:

    With PE nerfed, they’re seriously going to end up the worst faction in power. All the newbs complaining about PE and this is what happens. PE is not OP in retail, thats a joke. I’m talking 1v1 games anyway.

  4. jodonnell says:

    Considering the amount of flaming and trolling we see on GR these days, especially whenever the name Relic is invoked, I am hardly surprised their staff does not frequent GR. Those whining posters have made their bed and are now angry they have to lie in it.

    On-topic: Agree with all your top threes except for the medic bunker change. I agree that it was a poor change, but I don’t think it damages the meta-game – it’s a bad change because it fails to address the real issue with medic bunkers, which is the amount of free manpower it generates. I think the Churchill buff could prove to be more damaging (since it sounds like a much more threatening version of the old 5CP Calliope from the early days of vanilla.)

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