Advanced Tip: Airborne base rush on Langres

He is in your base killing your mans!

He is in your base killing your mans!

As far as I can remember, the earliest creative use of airdropped Paratroopers in conjunction with airdropped AT guns was by a great American player named PromethiusX. He used an M8 to spot inside a Wehrmacht base, then dropped Paratroopers and an AT gun into the base, with the aim of killing the Sturm Armory. Despite this spark of ingenuity, he lost the match to another blast from the past, Bentguru. This was during the first few weeks following the release of vanilla COH.

Now a recent replay featuring modern-day heavyweights 12azor and SayNotoStim shows off a much more evolved form of this concept, on a map that greatly favors this particular tactic: Langres.

12azor does some serious damage with this tactic, even though Stim’s doctrine choice, Defensive, seems designed to prevent base rushes entirely.

You MUST read on to see my super-detailed breakdown of how 12azor could’ve taken this rush to the next level and possibly ended the entire game in one fell swoop.

This diagram shows the top left corner of Langres. Click it to enlarge. It’s an ideal location from which to attack the top player’s base, mainly because of all the light cover out in the woods. There’s even a tank carcass that’s part of the map (it can be crushed, but it starts out on the map), offering a good piece of green cover for an MG or mortar team. In contrast, the defending player will have practically no cover whatsoever once he retreats his infantry to his HQ. As you can see in my diagram, there’s enough space for the Airborne player to drop an AT gun and a Supply Drop, for the MG and mortar, which can be crewed by Paratroopers — which can reinforce on the spot. If you also have Strafing Run, you have an excellent opportunity to lay down a vicious swath of gunfire in support of your attack; with the enemy Bunker removed, your Rifles can take advantage of enemy infantry pinned by your air support and toss grenades or just focus fire. Remember to click it to enlarge for full detail.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Unfortunately all this assumes a perfect setup; often you won’t have Strafing Run AND Supply Drops, sometimes you’ll be up against a Defensive-doctrine Wehrmacht player. Defensive Wehr hurts this tactic a lot, the combination of tougher Bunkers, MGs on all base structures and of course, For the Fatherland, will negate your cover advantage and limit how long you can maintain the siege.

To be clear: This tactic is mainly intended to kill your enemy’s base structures, especially valuable and expensive ones like a Panzer Command. You can also go for the HQ but it will be almost impossible to kill it. If you time your Strafing Run right, you can also inflict massive casualties on enemy infantry. You’ve got them boxed in and you won’t give them time to regroup.

In this example, 12azor was careful to decap the +5 fuel, which prevents Stim from activating For the Fatherland and running his troops right up into 12azor’s army.

Be ready to take extra steps if your opponent uses Defensive doctrine

Be ready to take extra steps if your opponent uses Defensive doctrine.

Because 12azor stayed out of the range of the MGs mounted on the base structures, Stim deploys his MG42 team to stall the advance and force a retreat. This is why a Sniper or mortar is ideal when you try this base rush. A Strafing Run would also have been great.

Expect a defensive MG42 and counter it.

Expect a defensive MG42 and counter it.

If you would like watch the full replay of the match between 12azor and Stim (I won’t say who won), you can download it from by clicking here.


2 Responses to Advanced Tip: Airborne base rush on Langres

  1. […] Advanced Tip: Airborne base rush on Langres […]

  2. Logabob says:

    That was a truly fantastic match, I remember watching it a few weeks ago.

    Stim and 12azor are the perfect antithesis of one another; Stim is cautious and defensive, whilst 12azor is aggressive and sometimes reckless.

    This was one of those aggressive moments that was just breathtaking in that match, of which there are many.

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