COH-Stats gets major facelift

New, improved, and XML-tastic

New, improved, and XML-tastic

I’ve got to hand it to Sturmtruppen, creator of the site COH-Stats. In the pre-COH-Stats era, the forums would be full of imbeciles and new players making outrageous and noobtastic claims about how much damage a certain unit did, how many hit points infantry had, and so forth. Thanks to Sturm, all such arguments can now be rationally settled based on the action data he extracted from the game and placed online.

Now Sturm has updated COH-Stats with a whole new XML-powered interface, making it much easier and faster to navigate to a certain unit, building, special ability or weapon type. It’s damn near instantaneous, although load times are still long (need a new host maybe?).

Do yourself a favor and check out COH-Stats, it’s been on our Blogroll for a long time, but it’s worth checking out if you’ve never been there. The detailed numbers really give you a feel for how the game ticks, and you will probably be surprised by many of the facts to be found within.


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