Site Update: Covering McCain

I endorse this blog. I also endorse all COH tips and tricks written by Corkscrewblow.

I endorse this blog. I endorse all COH tips and tricks by Corkscrewblow. I also endorse free-market Axis doctrines.

Just a head’s up to our loyal readers — this week will be extremely busy for me professionally. Along with a fellow reporter, I’m working on an in-depth story on the U.S. presidential candidates’ proposed health care policies. Specifically, I’m covering the McCain campaign and finally heard back from their press office after a series of increasingly impertinent demands on my part. As a result, I won’t be posting as much as usual this week, not until after I’ve filed my story, anyway. Still, this week you can look forward to a book review by our star tactician, the Rifles Ready! resident dean of strategy and chair of the Surprise Institute of COH Metagamery, Mr. Steven “Surprise” Uray. The book will be made available for purchase in our Store when the review is posted.

Come the weekend, expect a new Battle Report, featuring Sepha and PvtRusty in a death-defying duel on Langres that sees Stormtroopers dueling Rangers, a Tiger dueling a ridiculous number of M-10s and of course, Pioneers dueling Engineers. ‘Twas truly the most explosive game I’ve ever seen, and it will be the first Battle Report written from a Wehrmacht player’s perspective.

Next week I plan to start adding detailed unit usage articles to our Advanced Tips section, starting with a unit that was conspicuously absent from the Sepha/PvtRusty matchup: the 57mm AT gun.


2 Responses to Site Update: Covering McCain

  1. Logabob says:

    John McCain would be an emplacement spamming drop-hacker if he played CoH.

  2. jodonnell says:

    A triage center in front of every HQ! A medic tent on every quarter! Free zombie squads for all!

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