Site Update: Our German sister blog!

Guten tag!

Guten tag!

It’s been brought to my attention that Rifles Ready! has inspired fellow COH players in the Fatherland to start blogging about the best World War II RTS ever made. Tom “kastenbr0t” Siegel is the author of COH Blog, a German-language WordPress blog about our beloved game. Mr. Siegel’s blog has four contributors and they cover a similar range of COH issues, from tips and tactics to random observations about the game and Relic. Mr. Siegel has been reading Rifles Ready! since we launched way back in June (it certainly feels like it’s been forever).

Hopefully COH Blog will continue attracting readers from the major German-language COH forums and I’ll always be open to developing a closer relationship with our German friends — be it co-reviewing replays or guest authors or whatever.


3 Responses to Site Update: Our German sister blog!

  1. adrock2xander says:

    OMG you’re kidding! There you go CorkScrew, the solution to our lack of contributors!

  2. kastenbr0t says:

    thanks for the article. But the blog was the idea of grungeisdead and he is the admin of the blog! I’m only wrote to corkscrewblow 🙂 I hope nobody read it =P
    Good job guys,

  3. GrungeIsDead says:

    Also, from my side thanks for the article.
    I wouldn’t say the blog was my idea, i just thought that the german players would like a blog about CoH in their language. According to your article in here i’m going to write something about you 😉 as long as our articles don’t intersect (i hope we have enough ideas to write about) im sure you’ll get some more readers from germany


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