Relic: Beta patch 2.505 hits this week

It’s that time again — beta patch time, baby. I have to give Relic some credit here, they’re ramping up their COH efforts again, particularly with the 2v2 tournament for the balance beta only. Sadly I find myself too busy with work and friends to participate in the tournament myself, but this move (there’s a cash amount of unspecified value, plus Relic T-shirts!) is sure to flush some pro players out of retail and into the beta — for a few days, anyway. I’d sure love some pro’s thoughts on the balance status of the beta. Word on the street is, the Panzer Elite are fair, Americans are fair, Wehrmacht is fair, and British still too strong.

Thoughts? If anything, the balance changes listed below ease up on the U.S. and Wehrmacht’s two strong points — though making upgraded Bunkers ungarrisonable seems like a pretty big change. I mean, how long have Medic Bunkers with MGs in them been around? Since the vanilla COH days, since day one, as a matter of fact.


– Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.

– Fixed some issues with Repair Station Engineers.
– Fixed a number of quite obscure in-game crashes.

– Fixed incoming projectile sounds.
– Collisions between physics objects now produce material-specific sounds. *this system is not perfect, and is meant to supplement the regular destruction audio (ie: a sound will not play for every collision, only those with a large enough velocity/mass). It’s fun to push around debris with vehicles though.
– Some cool new stuff with Nebelwerfers.
– Reduced volume on BAR to sit better in the mix, as well as many other smaller mix refinements.

NOTE: Due to technical reasons, some of the audio changes listed in the last patch didn’t make it in (ie. distant arty), but they are included in this one.

– Removed Riflemen Veterancy bonuses granted through researching grenades
– Adjusted cost of British Glider HQ to 200 MP from 100 MP
– Adjusted cost of American HMG Nest to 200 MP/15 Fuel from 240 MP/10 Fuel
– Reduced cost of Firestorm to 160 munitions from 175 munitions
– Reverted cost of Wehrmacht Panzer IV back to 80 Fuel
– Adjusted MP40 medium range accuracy to .45
– At Vet 2, Volksgrenadiers get a +10 sight range addition.
– When a Wehrmacht Bunker is upgraded to Medic Bunker/MG Bunker/Repair Bunker, it can no longer be garrisoned.

– Added Vimoutiers (6)
– Added Compound Conflict (4)
– Road to Montherme – Fixed the garrison problem with the upper wooden bunker near left VP
– Road to Montherme – Replaced the lower building near right VP to balance building capacity and fix garrison/shooting problems


4 Responses to Relic: Beta patch 2.505 hits this week

  1. Thatcakeisaspy says:

    MG Bunkers should still be garrisonable with at least one unit…
    Heck, why not make all bunkers besides the vanilla ones only have space for one unit?

    Ah well.

    The list of changes made throughout the entirety of the beta is growing quite long, would be interesting what they have still planned.

    Also, with Volksgrenadiers having 5 man squads + the new MP40 buff, with Vet2 health are they now the strongest Close Quarters Combat unit in the game?

    Wish more people were playing the Beta.. it’s less every day :/

  2. Volksgrenadiers don’t receive a health buff until vet 3, according to COH-Stats. At vet 2, Volks get a -25% received suppression bonus and a -5% received damage bonus. Now they’ll get a +10 sight radius bonus at vet 2 as well.

    Seems fair to me.

    Even at vet 3 Volks will still be far behind Knights Cross, Commandos and Rangers for the title of “strongest” close-quarters combat unit.

  3. jodonnell says:

    It looks pretty clear that Relic wants the Volks to be a defensive CQB unit, rather than an offensive assault unit. Even with the MP40s equipped, it seems the intended use of Volks will be parked behind cover as a deterrent to other assault units. They will now be able to start dealing damage from a substantially larger range, and the extra sight range will give you a little more time to adjust to a flank and will ensure that your Volks will always get the first shot. They’ll provide a useful screen against fire-up’d units.

    If you want to play the beta, be sure to get on it on Saturdays at 19:00 GMT. We’ve had some success in starting an informal weekly playsession that way. ( )

  4. Erick says:

    me parece muy justo que se alla mejorado a los volksgranadier eran muy debiles casi contra cualquier unidad incluso 1 escuadrond e ingenieros americanos los podian derrotar,los volksgranadier merecian ser recompensados en este juego.

    por otra parte me parece muy malo el cambio realizado al bunker de la Wehrmacht, si antes en un mapa un jugador con suerte construia y LO MEJORABA en un centro medico o de reparaciones etc, ahora con mayor razon los jugadores preferiran gastar el combustible en un tanque, que en un buker que al mejorarlo no permite guarecer unidades.

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