The Wehrmacht Sniper = Pure Gold


Curiously enough, I was just about to start writing this post several days ago when I saw our venerable Sir Corkscrew himself had already written a post on snipers. I decided to wait out a few days before sharing this incredibly useful bit of information on our much-maligned 340MP worth of crap. Whether you love or hate snipers, read on!

I’ve been experimenting a lot with the Axis army lately, particularly with their difficulties in taking out the vaunted (more for gayness and effectiveness rather than skill) SimCity by either one or two Brits. There’s a popular rumour circulating around the COH community where a 2v2 game is played by four equally-skilled players, the Allied team almost always wins. Whether it’s true or false, it’s not up to me to dispute or argue that. Rather, I’m here to show casual or even pretty seasoned Wehrmacht players a cool way to deal with the Allied forces.

The trick here is to head remain at Tier One + Kampfkraft Centre, train two snipers, one HMG squad, a bike and a Volks squad and tech straight to Vet 3 Support. How you want to take it from there depends on how your enemy has reacted, but the nucleus of the strategy remains. Revolving around a conservative two snipers play while you bleed their MP dry, you’re forcing your opponents to constantly reinforce instead of putting the MP into where it really hurts the Axis: a fast light vehicle i.e M8/Stuart. Because the Kampfkraft Centre requires no fuel, and Vet 1 Support costs only 20 fuel, you will have two vetted snipers prowling the field within 5 minutes.

I’m not here to teach you how to keep your snipers alive, as any COH player worth his salt would know the ins and outs of Sniper School. Because your snipers are vetted and you’ve been keeping them out of harm’s way, your snipers are now at Vet 3 and have each chalked up about 10 kills each. Thanks to the folks at Coh-Stats, I’ve conveniently obtained the stats for the sniper. At Vet 3, the Wehrmacht sniper receives the following bonuses:

Vet 1: Health Regeneration 0.022
Vet 2: Received Suppression 0.5, Maximum Health 1.2
Vet 3: Cooldown 0.6

Now really I’m not interested in the Vet 1and 2 bonuses. What I’m heading straight for is 0.6 cooldown at Vet 3. I’m no arithmetic genius, but assuming the USA sniper fires off one shot every second, the Wehrmacht sniper chalks off a head shot every 0.6 seconds. Now that, dear reader, is fast. In the ideal world at the three-second mark, while the USA sniper has three krauts in his bag, the Wehracht sniper has already gunned down five!

What doctrine should I go?
To further increase the potency of your snipers, the right-hand side of Terror is the only way to go – Inspired Assault.

Weapon Cooldown: 0.6 (40% Reduction)
Weapon Reload : 0.5 (50% Reduction)
Received Accuracy: 1.5 (50% Penalty)
Weapon Damage: 1.2 (20% Bonus)

At 1CP, Inspired Assault grants all infantry units the power to shoot laser beams out of their eyes and hurl missiles from their hands. OK I kid. But at only 50 munitions and lasting 20 seconds, enemy infantry is your oyster. Couple that with the Vet 3 cooldown of 0.6, and we’re talking a whole lot of permutations here. I don’t want to get into the arithmetic again, as I’m not statistics expert, but I’ve seen many games where my two snipers took out a full squad of rifleman/paras/rangers/tommies within a couple of seconds. Now these are squads that were walking right up to the sniper, hoping to detect and kill it mind you. Two Vet 3 snipers also kill a British LT in two shots i.e one shot each. It sounds highly unlikely for someone to allow a whole squad to die, but all it takes is someone to look away for a couple of seconds. That is how fast Inspired Assault Vet 3 snipers fire.

If played right, an effective two snipers strategy with the basic Tier One units + your ally’s armies is sufficient enough to hold off both Allied armies while you tech to Tier 4. I don’t know which is worse, constantly reinforcing your troops due to awesome fast-shooting Wehrmacht sniper or the very sudden appearance of a Panzer 4, Ostwind or even a Panther.

I cannot emphasise again how effective this strategy is. Of course, a lot of it depends on your ally’s competence, but if you didn’t want your ally’s support you wouldn’t be playing 2v2 now would you? :O

Go on, try it. Give it back to the Allies. They deserve to DIE!

Questions, comments, corrections are welcome. This is nothing new really, but because fewer people play Axis, it’s not a really common strategy. Now, excuse me while I return to COH to put more Allied infantry in my cross-hairs.


7 Responses to The Wehrmacht Sniper = Pure Gold

  1. Thatcakeisaspy says:

    Just tried it out. Works quite well, but my opponents were quite noobish for their levels.

    Either way, here’s how it works out.

    (I was floating tons of resources too… so few units can put out quite a lot of whoopass.)

  2. Thatcakeisaspy says:

    Another one on Rails and Metal.

    My opponents were somewhat noobish, but it wasn’t as bad as the one on Wolfheze.
    The potency of the strategy shines at 12, and 15 minutes respectively.

    (At 15 minutes the two snipers and the MG42 completely annihilate 2 charging BAR’d riflesquads.)

  3. Thatcakeisaspy says:

    By the way…. I just played one on Linden and it failed miserably, because I was fighting over an urban area and the British were camping there. Couldn’t take the town (and subsequently the VP) and we lost.

  4. Sturmscharfuehrer says:

    Hey, i think me and my friend was yesterday fallen to this strat as we wher allied, it realy sux off and we know very fast that this game is over! We will try it our self next time we play!

  5. Trebor says:

    ….What can I say? Ive played over 200 games in 2v2TA and that strategy has never crossed my mind. Vet 3 snipers with inspired assault? And I thought you guys only played as allies. +respect.

  6. This topic is quite trendy on the Internet right now. What do you pay attention to when choosing what to write ?

  7. Rafabomb says:

    I play almost only 2vs2 with Wehr and I’ve seen a few guys by my side with this terror+2sniper idea, because I almost never get to tech4 lately it seems very complementary to my advancing wall of mg’s, grenadiers and packs.

    In fact the only real threat there was to blitz/medic players was those airborne droping on the back of your mg and blowing up the bunker with a satchel but the snipers actually killed the whole paratrooper squad before they got up on their feet from their drop 🙂 which was to my eyes very discouraging for the player.

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