I got my gold bar!

Gold, son, GOLD!

Gold, son, GOLD!

After 52 tough games, I’ve hit level 10 with my Americans in the retail game! It took a lengthy battle against a level 9 Panzer Elite player, in which I ducked, dodged and weaved, ultimately winning with an unopposed Pershing. It’s been a long time since my career-high rank of level 12, earned way back in vanilla COH. Ah, for these old eyes to look upon the beautiful twin silver bars that accompanies level 12 once more… But I digress. I’ll put up a brief Battle Report of the game, which actually took me from position 746 to position 421. That’s more than 300 positions thanks to one game!

I don’t mean to be self-aggrandizing with this post, or to be too self-congratulatory. Instead the point here was to send a message to fellow COHers struggling to improve their game. To all you new and novice players, and especially to the mediocre players that languish on, KEEP PLAYING! Keep reading, keep looking through forums and keep struggling. You’ll get there. Look at me, some random asshole who plays only 2-3 games a week. If I can do it, you most assuredly can follow suit.


3 Responses to I got my gold bar!

  1. adrock2xander says:

    I liked the part with the ‘asshole’ bit.

    Haha. GJ mate. I’m forever stuck at lvl 9.

  2. Kat says:


    It’s always a giant leap in positions between level 9 and 10, doesn’t matter if you gain level or lose it. It’s due to the fact that many profiles have lvl 9, I presume.

    But keep up climbing up the ladder, it’s less crowded in higher levels 😀

  3. colonelcommissar says:

    Congrats mate; let’s wait and see for the post on Level 11…

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