Relic: Two new beta patches to come

There’s been a long hiatus in communication between Relic and the slobbering, COH-loving masses that read Rifles Ready! every day, but this sad bereavement ended today as the clouds parted and the light of Relic’s wisdom shot down from the heavens of British Columbia, Canada, or wherever the hell they’re based up there.

Since you can always count on a reporter to deliver the news in succinct fashion, I’ll give you my take real quick: two more beta patches are coming with balance changes and new maps, also Relic would appreciate it if you 20 guys that play the beta will send some network logs to help them optimize their network code.

Did I do a good job of breaking that down? Here’s the full text of Relic’s announcement for you to judge. Here’s a link to live reaction from your fellow slobbering fans at

September 10, 2008
“We have been conducting an open test of some upcoming patch content with our online community.  The balance playtest introduces players to bug fixes, new maps, and balance work for a future patch.  The feedback and support that we’ve been getting from Company of Heroes fans has been incredibly helpful during this process.  First and foremost we must thank all of you who have been participating.

Currently we are planning to make at least two more updates to the balance playtest before we lock down the change list to create the final patch.  These updates will include more balance changes and the addition of some new maps.

Our latest version of the balance playtest has a number of changes to our network code.  We’d appreciate getting logs from players so that we can analyze them, especially if you’re experiencing lag while playing the game.  You can find the log that we need in your “My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes” folder, and it’s called warnings.log.  Ideally we’d like players to:

1) Start the game

2) Join one game

3) Play one game

4) Quit to desktop

5) Send in the log to along with a brief description of the symptoms.  IE: I played a 3v3 and 20 minutes in it began to lag.

Following those steps will help yield the best information for us to track down any bugs.  Once again, thank you to all the members of our online community who have been participating in our balance playtest.”

4 Responses to Relic: Two new beta patches to come

  1. Logabob says:

    A bit off-topic but your writing ability is excellent.

    Posts by people who do not write professionally on say, GR, are often hard to follow, so seeing something of a higher quality is refreshing.

    That said, I’m happy to hear they still want to patch their game… but it’s been a long time already. I would like to see a patch arrive soon so that retail is more fun 😛

  2. barit says:

    2 more batched before release?!!

    Sweet jesus that is far too long away….

  3. Trebor says:

    Makes me wish I didnt delete all my warning logs, I had 500mb of them at one point.

  4. Thanks for all compliments. They go in a little plastic bag that I pull out whenever my professional writing fails to pass muster by journalism awards committees. As for this Relic announcement, it seems like a tease. If they would only whip out the patches with balance changes, they would see an increase in real beta players and a meaningful number of network logs sent.

    So few people play right now that it’s practically pointless to automatch in beta unless you’ve got friends you know online at the same time.

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