Miscellaneous: Battle, Warrior, Weapon



I’ve been an avid medieval and historical war buff for a good part of my adulthood. There’s something romantic about reading and watching the way history was defined up till the century we currently reside in. I’ve always felt that to know your now and your future, you need to know your history. A lot of political, geographical and historical antagonism that we witness on newspapers, books and television stem from the undoings of our forefathers many, many centuries ago.



One of the best series of historical books you can find out there is by the awesome publishers DK. You’d have noticed their colourful, image-filled non-fiction books gracing bookshops all about town for many years now. I have been one of those suckers who devoured their books many years ago. DK books are incredibly informative, rich with details and often don’t cost a hole in your pocket to sit proudly on your bookshelf.



Taking advantage of a great offer* on Amazon.com, I’ve recently purchased three awesome DK books from (due to the strength of the Australian dollar, which sadly, has since slipped). Battle, Warrior and Weapon are seriously three of the best historical books out there on ancient to modern day warfare. Three hardcover, glossy-page, and over 1,000 pages of full-coloured description of the world’s glorious past. It’s enough to make me pee in my pants.

Not only do they look great in your room, they also scream geek and if they don’t impress your new girlfriend, nothing will :O All jokes aside, it’s been over a month, and I’m not halfway past Battle. And I try to read every night before I sleep. That’s a whole lot of reading for the next few months!

*At the time of writing the offer still exists. Costing A$69.95 each in all Australian bookshops, they’d have cost me almost A$210 had I purchased them from my local store. Purchasing the books from Amazon.com over a month ago, I spent only A$125 inc. international shipping. What a steal. Amazon.com was, and still is, selling each book at US$26.40 (about A$32). Throwing in international shipping of about A$25 you will not spend more than A$140 for all three books inc. shipping. That’s a great deal. Check it out before the offer ends!


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