Site Update: New season, new banner…

One thing that’s so striking and cool about COH is the sheer quality and fluidness of the in-game graphics. The animations are so numerous and life-like that you often feel you’re watching real men at war — no wonder so many COH machinas have found receptive audiences. Just check out this simple yet incredibly poetic COH machina, set to the soundtrack from the film The Island.

This is one reason why I find it so entertaining — and educational — to Photoshop screens from COH into art for Rifles Ready! I’m still struggling to gain some proficiency in Photoshop, so everything you see here is an amateur’s effort. That said, I’ve decided to start rotating the blog’s title banners depending on the season… say maybe a new banner every two months. Starting today, as you can see.

QUESTION: I’m thinking about sponsoring a Photoshop tournament for all COH fans, to see who can come up with the coolest screenshots from the game. The prize could be a free copy of the iconic World War II film, Patton, which I’ll be reviewing on Rifles Ready! sometime next month. Would you guys be interested? Leave a comment!


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