Site Update: Expert Battle Reports coming

Pro-style, baby.
Pro-style, baby.

Due to overwhelming popular request, I’ve decided to go ahead and do Battle Reports of replays between expert players from While my commentary will be somewhat limited (can’t know exactly what other players are thinking), you’ll continue to get the blow-by-blow, detailed recap and analysis you’ve come to love. We’re going to kickstart this new initiative with an utterly thrilling game between two pro-tastic players, Sweix (aka Telekinez) and the legendary Sepha (aka Seph). This is a rollicking retail match between Seph’s talented Panzer Elite and Sweix’s plucky Americans on the bloodiest, most back-and-forth map in COH, Angoville. Stay tuned for our first PRO Battle Report between Sepha and Sweix, coming later this Labor Day weekend!

2 Responses to Site Update: Expert Battle Reports coming

  1. adrock2xander says:

    I’m gona feel completely inadequate again, just watching them play.

  2. jodonnell says:

    Awesome, love the battle reports, can’t wait to see your take on Sepha’s play!

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