New COH expansion to be unveiled!

Can COH fans rejoice in the second coming?

Can COH fans rejoice in the second coming?

The news is swirling madly around the forums at and the rumor mill is in full swing: there will be a new COH game, and it’s most likely going to be the long-awaited second COH expansion pack. This game is currently titled “Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.” The evidence is circumstantial, but it’s compelling nonetheless. The most powerful piece of evidence we have is this listing on, which is currently accepting preorders for COH: Tales of Valor. The game costs $29.99, too cheap for a full-fledged game but right on point for an expansion set. Amazon lists a release date of March 2009, again, mirroring the roughly 6-month window between the unveiling of Opposing Fronts and its release.

Sources tell Rifles Ready! that Relic is slated to officially unveil the game at the ongoing Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. The convention runs from August 20-24, meaning it will end at the end of the day tomorrow. No official word yet on exactly what Tales of Valor will entail, although rumors have linked this new game to the “Tiger Ace” campaign that appears (but is inaccessible) in the menu of all the balance beta builds since 2.500. Many posters have expressed anxiety that Tales of Valor will be composed primarily of “single-player crap,” though reaction has run the gamut — other players are afraid it will introduce new factions and the massive slew of balance issues that accompany new armies.

Time will tell — but rest assured the reporters at Rifles Ready! stand poised to deliver the truth you have a right to know, as soon as we confirm the news. There’s finally wind in the sails, sports fans! Rejoice!

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