Miscellaneous: Where my hundreds at?

This is probably the most off-topic post ever on Rifles Ready!, but there’s just not a whole lot to post about at the moment. No news on what changes might be in the next beta patch, while the current beta patch remains devoid of players. I myself just haven’t had the heart to really get in the game. Nevertheless, you can count on another Battle Report sometime next week.

For now, I submit the following amusing video, which is a minor robbery I covered while working as a reporter at the Maryland Gazette, a small community newspaper in America’s heartland — by which I mean Glen Burnie, Maryland.

If you watch carefully, you’ll notice the robber actually fires a round into the row of cigarette packs behind the clerk. You’ll also notice that the robber casually tells a female customer entering the store to “leave, miss. Leave.” And she, without saying an audible word, leaves. You can see her actually get back in her car calmly and drive off. One hopes a call to 911 followed as her vehicle was pulling out of the parking lot.

As far as I know, the boys in blue never caught this fearless individual, who acts like he’s in a rapper biopic. “Where my hundreds at?” he demands of the terrified young man behind the counter.

I might make the same demand of Relic. Where my hundreds at, eh?


One Response to Miscellaneous: Where my hundreds at?

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Maybe he’s a Wehr player. Frustrated with the strafing runs, call in arty, fire ups and guns that point in the right direction, he took it out at a local convenience store. Remember, if he’s arrested and you get a chance to interview him, don’t forget to ask him if he prefers the KT or the Tiger Ace.

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