On Balance: Patch 2.503 and the “WTF Relic” factor

The latest beta patch, now at 2.503, was released to the adoring masses of balance beta players (all 26 of them, that’s like the daily average these days anyway). This time Relic has tweaked only sound-related issues, tuning many of the new gunfire sound effects introduced in 2.502. There are no bug fixes, there are no balance changes, there is nothing here that would make someone more likely to hop into the beta. Sure, I always thought the King Tiger and Jagdpanther guns sounded like crap, and the Hetzer’s gun sounded too strong, but these are not pressing issues. Sigh.

Fortunately Relic’s current community liaison, one mukkel, addressed some concerns over at the RelicNews forum. Here’s what he said:

“Hoping to have the missing VP fix for the next patch. Also will be putting in a huge network optimization, which should reduce lag tremendously and also improve connectivity significantly.”

He also mentioned that “it’s about time” for new maps and will put some remaining maps into the next patch. But for now, suck on — I mean enjoy — these thrilling changes.

v2.503 08/19/2008

– Tweaked and changed some of the large cannons back to previous firing sounds based on community feedback.
– Fixed the firing volume of Greyhound.
– P47 – Fixed bug where plane engine sounds continued after the plane was shot down.
– Firing sound for Off-Map Artillery has been added.
– Artillery explosions now heard at distance.
– Added “wet road” surface sound for vehicles driving in the rain (and squishy footsteps).
– Fixed the Quad 50/Flakvierling firing sound.
– The “Vampire” AC now shuts off its engine while stealing resources.


2 Responses to On Balance: Patch 2.503 and the “WTF Relic” factor

  1. jobiasRKD says:

    While I’m also a bit disappointed that there aren’t any more balance or stabilization changes, I’m not unhappy to see some audio changes. One of the biggest reasons why I was initially impressed and was convinced to stick with CoH was it’s amazing sound effects and music. It’s nice to see that they’re still improving it.

  2. adrock2xander says:

    Yet another incentive for going back to beta.


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