“Uh-oh, I’ve read your blog…”

I’ve been getting this rather frequently in the last two weeks, and I thought it was worth sharing with the Rifles Ready! community. I currently have two accounts on COH, my original account adrock2xander for serious AT/RT/1v1 and EmplacementSpam to prove just how easy and OP Brits emplacements are.

Still lvl 11 after 101 games. More difficult at higher levels? Or have readers just caught on?

Still lvl 11 after 101 games. More difficult at higher levels? Or have readers just caught on?

And yes, in case anyone is wondering, I’m still trying to climb the Brit ladder with that gay way of playing. Only this time, people have caught on to it. Many times now after the screen loads I encounter players from both sides saying ‘hi’ to me and went on to have a quick chat on how they’ve read ‘my’ blog. Well for starters, Rifles Ready! isn’t my blog. It belongs to CorkscrewBlow. But I guess it’s a mark of the wonderful posts we authors have made to make this blog our own. It isn’t just a singular effort, but a collective toil borne out of the passion to the game and desire to share our interests and knowledge (or lack thereof lol) with everyone. We thank you readers :O

Anyway in our conversations, many players have told me how they’re aware of what I’m trying to prove and will try to stop it. I thought this was rather interesting. How does my strategy play out against opponents who know what I intend to do? After getting some compliments from players, I scribbled some stats from Game 79.

In the 22 games I’ve since played:

* 8 were Wehr/Wehr (winning 6 of them), 9 were Wehr/PE (winning 6), 5 were PE/PE (winning 4)
* 7 Axis player said hi to me and were aware of my plan
* All were relatively high levels (lvl 9 to lvl 13)
* All of them tried to stop me from bunkering down, tommystalling and mortaring/artying the shit out of them
* 3 of them were successful, resulting in a loss for my team
* Including players who I assume were not aware of who I am, I lost a total of 6 times
* In the games I’ve lost, overwhelming infantry and mixed armies won Axis the game. By infantry spamming, outnumbering my tommies and using superb maneuveuring, my strategy will fail
* I went Royal Artillery 16 times, winning 14 of them
* I went Royal Engineers 6 times, I’ve lost 4 times. Going Engineers suggests I got desperate and needed a quick AT call-in at 3CP (the Churchill)

At higher levels and playing better players, I have found it useful to secure the sector adjacent to the main supply sector I intend to move to just to get a mortar pit up before moving my HQ again. I might delay the tech and resources, but most people do not expect a mortar pit covering my activities. Sometimes I even build a CSS in the same sector before moving. Believe me the few times that first mortar pit covered my ass from MG42 and infantry spam, it was all I needed to get my three tommy squads out. There’s nothing wrong with moving once or even twice before you tech to T2. I’d like to know that I can tech safely and not worry too much about the inevitable mixed army homing in on me.

In a broader sense, even though my strategy is very public, it’s still rather difficult for Axis players to beat it. Yet I’m not findin it easier to climb the ladder. I am still at lvl 11, and have in fact, dropped #3 to at point of writing #106. I am nowhere nearer to lvl 12, and I suspect as more readers catch on to my strategy, I might get stuck in lvl 11 forever!


4 Responses to “Uh-oh, I’ve read your blog…”

  1. adrock2xander says:

    Autocarinsurance.net? WTF IS GOING ON HERE LOL.

    Glad to know bugs, viruses and stupid links exists…

  2. jodonnell says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with moving once or even twice before you tech to T2. I’d like to know that I can tech safely and not worry too much about the inevitable mixed army homing in on me.”

    I think that’s really one of the key take-aways. I tend to stick to vanilla factions since my brain doesn’t work with OF factions, but in the games where I’ve lost as Brits or beaten the Brits, it’s often been because of overextension. The Brits really are helpless against a well-placed MG, and a too-aggressive truck move without a mortar pit covering the truck’s location is asking for disaster. An early mortar pit before the truck moves to it’s first new home sounds like a pretty safe strategy, and with Supercharged Rounds you don’t even have to lose the aggressive utility of the mortar, thanks to it’s ICBM like range.

  3. That was a spam comment that made it through the WordPress filter. I just removed it.

    Brits ARE vulnerable when they move their trucks too far/too early, Axis must capitalize on this and not be distracted by stalling tactics, such as an in-your-face trench with the 1st Tommy.

  4. RomUnfano says:

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely love reading all that is written here at riflesready.wordpress.com. Keep the aarticles coming. I enjoyed it! dry skin on face

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