Miscellaneous: Sherman vs. Tiger in real life

Ah, the American M4 Sherman — a key part of Roosevelt’s “arsenal of freedom” — pitted against the Panzer Kampfwagen VI, better known to COHers as the Tiger I. This here is the immortal matchup of the last great war. I was just bouncing around the Internet the other day when I decided to do a Google search for clips of the Sherman squaring off against the Tiger. Now I only expected to find some grainy, black-and-white documentary footage. Instead I got the fascinating 5-minute YouTube video embedded below, which offers lots of live footage of a restored Tiger and Sherman being operated in the present day. Still more titillating for all COH fans, an 88mm Tiger round is fired into the armor plating of the Sherman, with paper targets representing the crew behind the armor. Man, you definitely  don’t want to be inside the crew compartment of a Sherman with an 88 shell hits the side, that’s for sure.


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