On Balance: Patch 2.502 release notes unveiled

Whew, finally Relic has stepped forth to reveal the release notes for the latest beta patch, numbered 2.502. Woe to those of you who doubted this day would come. That being said, the notes are pretty unremarkable. They consist almost entirely of bug fixes, including many fixes you sort of like, but don’t care too much about — case in point, better sound effects for the Sherman’s cannons (75mm and 76mm) and the Jagdpanther/King Tiger cannons. These are nice, but not exactly the stuff most people are crying about (for general amusement, check out the GR.org thread accompanying the patch notes). I hear complaints center around the British, with their early trenches and colonial-style gameplay. Hell, I’ll even agree on those points.

Anyway, here’s the patch notes. There’s pretty much no point commenting on these, as they’re all self-explanatory. NOTE: For non-beta players, Schwimmwagens and T-17 Armored Cars are “bonus” units from the last beta patch, replacing the Panzer Elite Kettenrad and U.S. M8 respectively.

v2.502 08/11/2008

– Accounts with a banned key can now log in to Relic Online. The banned product however will be inaccessible.

– Vehicle voice volume has been fixed.
– “echo” fixed – Try the reverb again, it’s been tweaked. (Dual Core+ Only)
– Tiger engine turned down.
– Volksgrenadiers and MG42 have had their speech fixed.
– Sherman 75mm and 76mm fire sounds replaced to be awesome.
– Many sound improvements have been made to the Tiger, Jagdpanther and King Tiger.
– Menu now randomizes between two original CoH pieces and the OF theme.
– Radio effect modified – no more piercing resonance!

– Fixed an issue where the 105mm Howitzer Team firing range is shown incorrectly on the minimap.
– Multiple Squads can no longer booby trap the same building.
– Axis Repair Bunker Repair Pioneers will now repair AT Guns and Flak 88 cannons
– Off-map artillery will now drop!
– 25 pounders set to Counter-Battery will now fire on infantry units that use grenades.
– The Panzer Elite Schwimmwagen is no longer considered a salvageable wreck before it is actually a wreck.
– The Bergetiger can no longer repair American M3 Halftrack or British Cromwell and Firefly wrecks.
– Panzer Elite Schwimwagen will now obtain the Advanced Repair ability when the upgrade is researched.
– Panzer Elite Schwimmwagen Booby Trap ability will now have the appropriate recharge time applied once the “Booby Trap Strategic Point” Commander Tree Upgrade has been researched.
– Allied War Machine will now function on the American T17 Armored Car.
– Axis Schwimwaggen when rebuilt from the Bergetiger will now have a visible weapon and gunner with proper animations for the weapon.
– All Axis Captured Weapon teams will obtain veterancy when researched from the Kamptkraft center for their respective veterancy types.
– The Axis Schwimmwagen will now obtain veterancy when researched from the Kamptkraft center.


6 Responses to On Balance: Patch 2.502 release notes unveiled

  1. adrock2xander says:

    WHAT? They’re replacing the Ketten and M8!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!? WTF?!?!!?

    Excuse my non-beta testing noobness. :O

  2. Yeah bro, it’s been all over the GR balance test forums for awhile. They pretty much do the same exact thing as the M8 and Ketten, though I believe the Schwimmwagen has a weak gun?

    I honestly haven’t had time to try to figure out the bonus units yet, though.

  3. Logabob says:

    -[25pdr set to Counter Battery will now target infantry who throw grenades.]

    Er, isn’t that some seriously crazy shit?????

  4. adrock2xander says:

    Nah it’s a spelling mistake. It’s NOT, not NOW. The bug has always existed; people don’t go counter battery that often so many people know about it. There’re heaps of people in uproar over that bug fix, before they found out it was all a simple spelling error. Funny how one typo can change the game lol.

    Also, it disappoints me that after all these years, fucking Relic still isn’t able to produce a decent, bug-free and mostly balanced game. I bought the game at patch 1.5 and it’s been almost 15 months and ffs the game’s going down the hill. I can’t understand why the development team introduces new things, arrests bugs but somehow ‘intentionally’ introduce new bugs along with it. It’s like 2 steps forward but 1 step back.

  5. Logabob says:

    Probably bureaucracy, tbh. That needs to be nerfed in the next patch.

    oh, and Global Warming too, that’s pretty OP đŸ˜›

  6. adrock2xander says:

    LOL bureaucracy OP.

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