Site Update: Domain move delayed by cybersquatter

You can tell right away this is a cybersquatter's placeholder page
You can tell right away this is a cybersquatter’s placeholder page by the random Google ads and search box

If you guys will recall, I mentioned a ways back that Rifles Ready! might be moving from its current free (but restrictive!) WordPress host to a custom domain name — This isn’t actually any kind of working site, which you’ll see if you go there. Instead, it’s a placeholder page being used by a cybersquatter to attract potential buyers. This squatter had leased the domain name for a year, but this lease was set to expire on July 29, some ten days ago. Well, I contacted the owner, because that lease magically renewed itself for another year almost instantly after the expiration time. The owner, one “John Stevens” (fake cybersquatter name if ever I heard one), informed me via email that he would charge $52.50 monthly for the lease of! You can imagine how much this guy would want if I was to instead buy the entire domain name from him.

So, unless you guys are feeling extremely generous and want to fork over large sums to me over Paypal, it appears as if our domain move will have to wait. However, you can feel free to comment here and suggest alternate domain names, like “” or “Corkscrew’s the” or some such.

13 Responses to Site Update: Domain move delayed by cybersquatter

  1. rapba says:

    What about some other top-level-domain?

  2. barit says:

    .com is not the hip thing any more! need something like .net or even go country sepcific – .us/ etc etc

    Once you have the site bookmarked the extension is not that important anyway. The site still gets the message across with wordpress hosting it, even if you are limited with design /layout/content contraints.

  3. Eh, i’m thinking about it. I want something that seems easy, natural and intuitive.

  4. Appreciate the feedback though!

  5. Liquidwulfe says:

    Check out .org stuff. Afterall, GR is .org as well^^

  6. adrock2xander says:

    I suggest Afterall, I’m from Australia! LOL.

  7. barit says:

    another vote for!

    aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

  8. Logabob says:

    .org ftw.

    Cybersquatters are OP need nerf nerf 😦

  9. Lol go Aussies in the Olympics!!

    i’ll look into both .aus (or whatever country) as well as .org.

  10. adrock2xander says:

    LOL don’t listen to the Aussies, myself too. We’re just shitting you LOL.

  11. 8mGood idea.7t I compleatly agree with last post. djz
    паркет 7b

  12. Michael Schmidt says: is simple, memorable.

  13. I’ve looked into it. The problem with the simple and memorable ones is that they’re owned already, and people want hundreds of dollars to sell the domain. Failing that, they try to rent it to you for $30 a month. This blog makes no money (no ads), so we’re stuck with WordPress for the moment.

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